This Guy Matched With A Girl On Tinder Just So He Could Body Shame Her

Unsplash / Aaron Burden and Facebook / Ashley Nicole

Yet again, Tinder has given us another reason why we should all just delete the app and stay as far away from the cesspool that is our inboxes as we can. Or is that just me? I don’t know. I don’t understand anything anymore, least of all the world of hookup apps.

This girl seemed to have found the worst of the worst when one of her matches basically only messaged her so he could body shame her. Because why not, I suppose. Do you expect him to be a productive member of society with his free time or something?

Facebook / Ashley Nicole
Facebook / Ashley Nicole

Yes, it is certainly us females that are very full of themselves.

The girl was pretty pissed, as one tends to be after being cyberbullied on a hookup app, and screenshotted the conversation to send to her friend. And because good friends don’t put up with that kind of shit, she posted the pictures to Facebook along with a heartfelt message.

Facebook / Ashley Nicole

“THIS IS WHY so many people feel horrible about the way they feel, look or how they see themselves,” Ashley wrote. “THIS HUMAN BEING is one of the reasons why someone could start truly hating themselves.”

The woman (who wishes to remain unnamed) told the following to Elite Daily:

What I want people to know at the end of the day [is that] it’s more important to be known for being a kind person or an intelligent person or loving and caring rather than what I look like. Being called fat hurts, but there are worse things I could be called, and I know that I bring to the table a lot more than he will ever realize because I treat people kindly, with love and respect, regardless of their appearance.

It’s incredibly frustrating that someone would have the nerve to message another person with the sole intent of tearing them down. He could’ve spent all that time he wasted making her feel like shit actually messaging women he was interested in. What was even the point, bro? Do you feel better about your own social standing yet?

Anyway, let’s forget about terrible Tinder boys and remember amazing friends like this one. She ended her post with this beautiful sentiment: “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and there are so many other people who think so too.” And I think that’s pretty fitting for all of us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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