This Boss Asked For Pics Of A Teen Job Candidate To Make Sure She Was A ‘Young Attractive Girl’

Whatsapp / Chelsea Dann and Facebook / Chelsea Dann

Oh good, another tale of a woman being sexually harassed by a potential employer. I’d like to say I’m surprised, but well, who actually is?

Eighteen-year-old Chelsea Dann has been trying to earn money by cleaning houses, which seems like an innocent side hustle. But of course, some dude had to ruin it all by asking for not only her CV, but some pictures.

Whatsapp / Chelsea Dann

You know, because he wanted to make sure she didn’t “look like an alien.” Not sure if he imagined her with giant tentacles coming out of her head or what. He just wanted to be sure, you know?

But Dann wasn’t about to let that fly. While she did send him a picture, she called him out for the unnecessary request.

Whatsapp / Chelsea Dann

Apparently, having a “young attractive girl” working at his house was better for his reputation than having a “granny” clean up for him, for some reason.

But when the man noticed Dann’s tattoos, he took it up a notch on the terrible scale and assumed she was a “single mother with three kids on benefits.”

Whatsapp / Chelsea Dann

“I was just trying to get a job and I was being discriminated against for my looks,” Dan told the Daily Mail. “It made me feel really little.”

Just in case you need more proof that this man is trash:

Whatsapp / Chelsea Dann

Dann explained there was more to the conversation than what she screenshotted. “[T]he conversation starting getting sexual and he said things like ‘you look hot in that dress,'” she said. “He was a creep and not a nice guy. I’ve now blocked him.”

Good for you, girl. No one should have to be treated like that for a job — or, you know, for anything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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