An Employee Stole A School Girl’s Number From His Store Database To Send Her These Creepy Texts

Facebook / Tara Waterfield

Tara Waterfield is living proof that no one is safe anymore. No matter who you are, no matter what you do, the fuckboys will find you.

When Tara went to a phone store to get an upgrade, she expected to leave with a new phone, not a complimentary admirer. But not long after she left the store, she received a text from an unknown number claiming to be one of the workers.

Facebook / Tara Waterfield

Um. I’m not sure what’s creepier, the “mmm mmmm mmm yes” or the fact that he obviously got her number somehow, and it sure wasn’t from her. It’s believed that he found it in the store’s database, which seems pretty in-line with someone who would send that text in the first place.

Tara told the Plymouth Herald that she was worried she’d gained a new stalker. In fact, she’d been telling her friend about the creepy store worker who hadn’t stopped staring at her when she received the text.

“I stood looking at my friend and thought ‘what do I say to this’ and I stood looking at it for ages,” she said. “It’s a bit inappropriate.”

Yeah, a bit.

Tara told her parents, who were as concerned as she was. Her father complained to the company, Three, which began to investigate the incident.

Next time we want a new phone, hold the stalker, please. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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