To The ‘Man’ Who Ghosted Me, Karma Will Come For You

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You were supposed to be my friend. Do you know what that is? Do you know the basic characteristics of a friend are? I guess knowing what they are and understanding them are two completely different things. Silly me for asking that.

You’ll wish you never ghosted me at some point or another. What you did to me says nothing about my character and everything about yours. It’s people like you in the world that make others doubt themselves or feel poorly about themselves because someone up and left them without a peep. Karma has a way of teaching people lessons. Yours will come.

Just because you’re struggling with something internally does not give you the right to screw people over. You said you couldn’t take on my problems but here’s the funny thing: I NEVER ASKED OR EXPECTED YOU TO! I remember telling you that on several occasions. You can’t try to fix things for others when you’re broken.

If I did do something wrong or hurt you in some way, I apologize. Instead of disappearing into the thin air, you should have told me if I did something so I was aware of it. How is anyone supposed to change or work on themselves if they’re unaware of what they did? They can’t. But you are too much of a coward and lack the maturity to discuss things with me.

You, my dear, are a master in the craft of manipulation. The way you make people actually trust you and believe things you say. Or the way you make people feel safe in your presence felt so natural it’s actually quite terrifying.

We had an agreement that if one of us started wanting more than friendship that we would talk about it and figure out if we should cut ties or not. Was that it? Probably not because you were more than confident that wouldn’t happen on your end. And I know I wasn’t trying to be anything more than friends. Truthfully, I don’t want your friendship anymore. And I’m done reaching out to you in hopes you’ll one day explain it to me.

You can’t say I didn’t fight for it though. I don’t give up on anything or anyone. I’m just done reaching out for my own peace and sanity. I’ll be here if or when you are ready to own it.

Just because something is or was going on inside of you doesn’t justify ghosting me. But whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night. Just like so many others, you’d rather hide behind bullshit than address it and change for the better. Whatever bullshit you need to feed yourself with just to stay alive is on you. At least I get to live freely and with dignity.

To my knowledge, I did nothing to deserve this from you. Even with all the shit going on in my life, I had always been there for you and supported you. It wasn’t like I neglected you because I was being selfish. Quite the opposite, actually.

And what did you do with it? Our “friendship”, that is. You threw it in my face as if it was another way of saying “fuck you”. Why? Because you’re a coward, a phony and a fake. How many masks can one person possibly create and own? I’m not sure you can even recognize your own face because of the amount you own.

As for closure, this is my closure. Obviously you weren’t intending on giving me the closure I truly deserve. No one deserves this from anyone and I hope someday you can realize and be remorseful about the way you treated me. I sincerely hope one day you can apologize but I won’t hold my breath waiting for it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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