15 Places You Should Seriously NEVER Go On A First Date



Never take a first date to someplace that requires a long drive to get there. If the date gets strange you have a long ways to ride back. A long awkward car ride home.

— Cinnamon_under_cover


When I was in high school a guy took me to see Hotel Rwanda on our first and last date.

So….movies about genocide, I guess…

— why_renaissance


Anywhere that’s loud enough or quiet enough so you can’t talk to each other.

— Thanksforthegolduh


The grave of your ex wife who died of totally natural causes.

— WhyDoges


My Mum used to always say “Never take a girl to an Italian restaurant” her reasoning was that i would get the Spaghetti and have sauce all over my face. (I love spaghetti :D)

— Will159


Holocaust museum.

— SentrySappinMahSpy


Applebee’s after 10 pm for half priced appetizers. Then get mad cuz your date doesn’t want a half priced appetizer, but wants a real meal. -_____-

— hotcheetoz32


Hot. Air. Balloons. Do not do hot air balloon rides on a first date. No where to go if things aren’t great, its expensive, and honestly it’s really too romantic. Take my advice… even if it’s a groupon… don’t do it.

— ObamasCoffeeCup


An execution.

Not even joking. I took a girl out to dinner and she wanted to check out the protest at San Quentin that night for the execution of Tookie Williams (the founder of the Crips). So I went with her. Not exactly a ripsnorter of a time.

— youseeit


Your parents house.

— RandomGuyWithStick


Harlem Globetrotters game for Valentine’s Day. Then girlfriend (now wife) thought I was kidding when I told her. After about 5 times of asking I should have got the hint, ignored the tickets in my pocket and drove straight to the nicest restaurant.

— oldman_55


Memory lane.

— NickMcJ


Bowling. You’d be surprised how boring bowling for two can be, unless you’re wasted or just really into bowling.

— inSIDDious34


I took a girl to a cemetery on a second date. She told me that if I had taken her there on a first date she wouldn’t have given me a second. In all fairness to me it was winter and a beautiful place to hike in our city. The place is huge with really cool old monuments. I thought it was a nice place to walk around and have some coffee.

— Extrasherman


Wing night. There’s no sexy way to eat a sauce drowned chicken

— jawnquixote Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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