Here Are The Scariest Things Coming To Netflix In July

Here Alone

A year after an airborne epidemic wipes out the world’s population, a young woman is struggling to survive in the woods. When she comes across two other survivors, she must decide if she can trust them while confronting her past and trying to stay alive.

Taking Lives

Angelina Jolie stars as FBI Agent Illeana Scott who is tracking a serial killer in Canada. The killer impersonates his victims and has gotten the attention of the police, who bring in Scott (Jolie) to investigate. She ends up befriending an art dealer who was witness to the crimes, and their relationship becomes crucial in her hunt for the killer.

The Void

After pursuing a blood-soaked figure that he sees hobbling down a dark road, a police officer is trapped in a hospital housing several patients and personal who are becoming something inhuman. He must try to escape the hospital, which is a portal to something far worse, before it’s too late.

The Invisible Guest

When the body of his lover is found by his side in a locked hotel room, a young businessman and a prestigious lawyer must work together to prove his innocence and discover what exactly happened.


Set in post-apocalyptic France, a landlord posts ads for handymen only to butcher them as a cheap source of food for his tenants. Complications arise when his latest hire (and would-be victim) falls in love with his daughter.

Dark Night

Based on the 2012 Aurora, CO massacre, Dark Night tells the lives of 6 strangers who are trapped in a theater during a shooting.

iZombie—Season 3

Liv has discovered that there are more zombies living in Seattle than she had originally thought. She also learns that a private military contractor is employing a “zombie army” for the day that humans learn that highly contagious zombies are living among them. After being exonerated for the Chaos Killer crimes, Major lands a job. But the whole team is ask risk for being discovered for what they truly are.


Five friends returning home from Canada after a wedding are stopped by the border patrol. The border patrol holds them hostage and things become a gruesome nightmare. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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