15 Things Every Adult Needs

1. A relationship that has taught you something about yourself. The best thing about dating is that even when it doesn’t work out, being with someone teaches you something about yourself — for better or worse.

2. Something to wear if the love of your life calls and wants to see you tonight. Everyone needs a solid go-to-feel-good-sexy-and-I-know-it outfit.

3. Your own health insurance. You have to be able to take care of yourself, plain and simple. In case a medical issue arises, you need to make sure you’re able to receive the health care you need.

4. A suitcase on hand for whenever the urge to travel strikes you. I personally go with one carry-all bag that I can grab when I’m in a rush out the door. The last thing you need is one more excuse not to travel.

5. The knowledge of where you should go when your soul needs soothing. You know when something really painful happens and you’re like, okay, I need to do some soul-damage-control? You start running through all of the things that you could do that will ease you. You should have a go-to person and thing for these moments.

6. To partake in some kind of physical activity, at least once in a while. Adults know they have to actually get up and move once in a while, even if that means just taking a walk now and again. Or at least have the sentiment that you know you should get up and do something.

7. A savings account with something in it. Even if it’s just for emergency expenditures, adults need to have monetary back-up.

8. Some idea of what you should (or would ideally like) to do with your life. Listen, nobody’s saying you have to have it all together. You should, however, have at least considered what you’d like to do with your years.

9.  At least one environmentally friendly thing in your life. Another thing adults know is how seriously the environment is suffering and how each person making a small change in their life can turn it around.  

10. A memory box. You’re going to want those little things one day. Trust me.  

11. Jeans that fit you. Not ones that you hope will fit one day. Stop waiting for tomorrow and buy jeans that make you look and feel like a badass today.

12. To remember birthdays. Especially your parent’s and sibling’s.

13. The ability to discern between love and lust. Fairly important if you’re reaching an age where you think you may like to choose someone to “settle down” with.

14. The coveted skill of time management. Just kidding. I’ll be procrastinating until the day I die.

15. The knowledge of how to change a tire, pay taxes, survive without electricity, do CPR, cook a decent meal, and tell great stories about your youth: The essentials of adulthood. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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