If You Want Extraordinary Love, You Need To Fight For It

The tides of life won’t always bring you back ashore — sometimes, you have to row yourself over. Often, nothing changes until you change it. Nothing is better until you make it that way. There’s nothing you’re not responsible for. Just waiting around for something to happen, lamenting that it isn’t, wishing, hoping, praying for it to change, doesn’t always ensure that it will. Go, move, act, speak. Your days are slipping by you, and every day you spend in the mediocre is another you miss in the extraordinary.

If you’re seeking the miraculous, keep seeking. Life is unimaginably short and passes even faster than that; there will be enough average things in your life. Don’t let love be one of them. Because if it’s unconditional, life-changing, mind-altering, madly-passionate-sometimes-extraordinarily-difficult-but-none-the-less-just-plain-extraordinary love that you find yourself inherently invested in with every bit of your heart, if it’s the person who is there beneath the layers of your heart that you’ve calloused over through the years—you need to go be with that person. Be with who uproots you and makes you realize you didn’t know how deeply your soul could stretch. Be with who loves you. Who really, actually, genuinely, truly, madly, deeply, passionately loves you. And to whom you reciprocate the feelings to as well.

This does not mean be with the person that you most easily get along with. Sometimes, extraordinary love isn’t easy (it usually never is) but in one way or another, it is always worth it. So don’t mistake the extraordinary for what you’re settling for. I know this is an extremely difficult thing to do most times, because when there’s nothing really wrong with your relationship there’s no reason to wreak havoc and go… except, there is. And that’s because the extraordinary is waiting for you somewhere else. In the words of Cheryl Strayed, have the courage to break your own heart. That’s awesome if you really like each other, and even if everything is swell but yet, somewhere you know, this person doesn’t absolutely rock your world, you need to go.

Because you need (and deserve) love that is something of an other-worldly connection, that you can’t really make sense of in your mind. Mind-blowing-life-changing-heart-stopping-blood-rushing-miraculous love. Don’t settle until you have it, if that’s what you want.

There is no time for love that isn’t miraculous. Get up and leave. Move. Go. Don’t hold on because you think you’ll never find someone else. If you’re even a little bit unsure, leave. Your uncertainty should tell you that at the very least, you need to explore other avenues. And if those roads lead you back, great. If they don’t, great. Wanting to leave is enough reason to go. And believe me, one way or another, you will eventually wind up where you’re supposed to. Whether it’s with some cool new person or back into the arms of the person you left, you won’t ever have to question whether or not you should be with them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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