17 Hilarious Photos Of Pets Stuck In The Oddest Places

1. Cats love to get themselves into weird situations.

2. But so do dogs.

3. Like this little labrador.

4. This cat that probably has no idea what it got itself into.

5. And this cat.

6. And this fat cat. He probably thinks about it from time to time.

7. ‘I gotta a cat in a jar-o-yeah’ — Metallica sang that, I think.

8. This ferret that is totally scared of toilet paper rolls now.

9. This cat that probably regrets eating all those extra cans of food

10. And this dog that’s wondering how it got in there.

11. We can’t forget this little fella!

12. Or this little Corgi butt!

13. And this silly dachshund that somehow wedged itself in between the iron bars.

14. This cat is probably scarred for life.

15. And this cat (who probably had it coming)…?

16. This ram that’s probably wondering how it got up there.

17. And this pigeon that totally fucking loves bread! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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