A Tribute to Lance Reddick’s Versatility And Range

Friday, the world lost one of its great talents. With a career spanning nearly three decades, Lance Reddick was a face and voice you’d immediately recognize, and the glue that held many of television’s great shows together. 

Bringing a natural, stoic gravitas to his scenes, Reddick was often cast in roles of leadership and authority. You’re sure to recall him as a commanding officer in any of his most memorable scenes. He often delivered his dialogue with a stern and serious cadence, while also somehow coming off as approachable and understanding.  

He was a true thespian and appreciated the accolades of other’s he deemed talented. He mentioned as much when he said the greatest compliment he’d ever received was from a random, brief Phillip Seymour Hoffman encounter in NYC.

A staple of iconic roles in Oz, Law & Order: SVU, The Wire, American Horror Story, Lost, Fringe, Bosch, One Night in Miami, Godzilla vs. Kong, Little Woods, White House Down, the John Wick series, and a score of voiceover credits, he’s woven himself into the fabric of our entertainment culture with a robust body of work. 

Lance was also an avid lover of the Destiny video game franchise he helped voice and a member of the online community. He played often.

He is gone far too soon at only the age of 60. Lance is survived by his wife Stephanie and children Yvonne Nicole, and Christopher.  Stephanie released this statement via Twitter, complete with donation information, for furthering a cause close to his heart: