Is This The Most Terrifying Malaysian Airliner Theory Of Them All?


The search for the missing malaysia airliners flight 370 continues for months, to no avail. The chinese and North Korean government SWEAR they had nothing to do with it this time, seriously dude they didn’t do it. Unfortunately there’s no explanation so it’s presumed they hit the water and sank to a cold dark wet grave.

Fast forward 26 years. It’s the year 2040. Space X and Virgin galactic have merged and are now sending their Falcon 12 rocket to Mars powered by 10 merlin 1D engines. Everyone is glued to their TVs as live images from the lander are being sent to earth. It’s 1969 all over again, and as the lander touches down, the dust clears, and the colonists descend the ladder the entire world hears tje words that would go down in the history books.

“Houston, we…we have a problem”

“Mars colony 1 go ahead”

“Houston it seems we’ve…we’ve landed next to a jet liner of some type…”

“Mars colony 1…repeat”

“Houston we aren’t alone.”

“Mars colony 1 describe what you’re seeing”

At this point they bring out a hand held camera to the first colonist as he starts broadcasting images to the world. It’s adorned with the infamous Malaysian airlines livery that everyone became all too familiar with in the 2010s. The younger ones wouldn’t be able to connect but the adults would. The adults understand.

The colonist pans to the tail and zooms in on the tail number. “9M-MRO”

“Alright, Mars Colony 1, i want you to walk over to the front exit and there will be a hatch that you can access. From there you can open the door, do you think you can do that?”

“Houston, roger, i’m handing the camera over to Janette to film this”

Luckily the airliner sunk into the soft mars surface enough to where the door was just low enough to climb into.

As the first colonist makes his way over to the door, everyone including the colonists and Space X control are earily silent. No one wants to speculate as to what they’ll find inside that cabin.

Slowly the colonist unlocks the door and swings it open. It’s pitch black inside as it seems all the window blinds are completely shut. Reluctantly he climbs inside and shines his flashlight around

“Oh…oh my god”

“Mars colony 1, go ahead”

“They’re…they’re all…oh my god…”

“Mars colony 1, describe what you’re seeing here please”

“They’re all here. All 200 of them. They’re all just frozen in place…not moving…not breathing…just staring straight ahead, expressionless…oh dear god”

The camera gets handed to the colonist and just as described, every single passenger is frozen in place as if being held down by invisible rope. None of them were in crash positions, they were all just sitting there.

It was that day, the Mars colony mission was retasked as a rescue mission. The original colonists were relocated to the far side of the planet, but that first colonist was sent home after the first month. It was said he started going crazy and attacking the other colonists, muttering things about malaysian airliner flight 370 under his breath, and how he needed to return home with the rest.

Flight 370 still lies there today, three years later as scientists still try to figure out how to move the payload back to earth.

Each one of the passengers and crew were checked for vitals just as a precautionary measure, and to the surprise of the doctors and scientists, each one had a very faint heartbeat. A very faint breath. Very faint brain activity….

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