27 Unresolved Mysteries That Are Worth Getting Sucked Into

What is hidden in the chambers underneath the Great Sphinx of Giza?


From Wikipedia:

“There is a long history of speculation about hidden chambers beneath the Sphinx, by esoteric figures such as H. Spencer Lewis. Edgar Cayce specifically predicted in the 1930s that a “Hall of Records”, containing knowledge from Atlantis, would be discovered under the Sphinx in 1998. His prediction fueled much of the fringe speculation that surrounded the Sphinx in the 1990s, which lost momentum when the hall was not found when predicted.”

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft of $500 million worth of art on March 18, 1990.

Unknown author

From Wikipedia:

“On March 18, 1990, 13 works of art were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in the early hours. Guards admitted two men posing as police officers responding to a disturbance call, and the thieves tied the guards up and looted the museum over the next hour. The FBI has valued the haul at $500 million, and no arrests have been made and no works have been recovered.”

Shelly Miscavige

“Where is Shelly Miscavige and why does her creepy husband David seem to get away with everything?” — jippyzippylippy

“I think we all know David Miscavige killed his wife for trying to reveal the abuse she was dealing with at the hands of David and sea org members assigned to keep her under control. How many others have tried to leave only to be silenced and never heard from again. Terrifying.” — CanvasMath

“Scientology has way too much money now, and has outsized influence in government and law because of infiltration and because of blackmail.Personally I lean towards Shelly being alive and imprisoned in one of their compounds. Either against her will, or willingly if she’s been brainwashed enough. But it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s dead.” — earthdweller11

“But apparently the police did a welfare check and said shes fine. They saw her, spoke with her, so they couldnt do anything.

Which leads to a new conspiracy….were the cops in on it? Cops couldve been cult members are just saying shes fine…..

Honestly I think shes probably equally insane as Miscavige and probably legit just stays in her castle all day.” — bodhasattva

DB Cooper

Wikimedia Commons

“The fact that the moment he jumped out of the 727, nothing about him was ever uncovered again. Did he die? If not, what happened to him?” — RedShirtCashion

“Most likely, he was Richard McCoy.

McCoy was an experienced parachutist, a demolitions expert and a pilot. He studied law enforcement at BYU. He wanted to become an FBI or CIA agent.

He was an adrenaline junkie who reenlisted under the condition that he was to be sent back to the front lines of the Vietnam war.

DB Cooper wore a tie pin from BYU with the initials RM. It was found on the plane.

He was a prime suspect but the FBI could not positively link him to that hijacking.

He was convicted of a copycat hijacking 4 months after DB Cooper. In the copycat crime he jumped out of the back of a plane with $500k.

He escaped prison with a fake gun and later died in a shootout with the cops.

In all likelihood, he dropped or lost a lot of the money when he made the jump as DB Cooper and went back to make another run as Johnson.


https://fearoflanding.com/history/the-odd-story-of-richard-floyd-mccoy-jr/” — spankymacgruder

“This is actually along the same lines as my theory. It’s a given that he never would have survived that jump without an accomplice on the ground at a pre-arranged location.

My theory is that he never actually jumped from the aircraft. Once the aircraft departs from SeaTac, he has the pilot stay at 10,000ft with the flaps deployed and the landing gear down. He ushers the cabin crew onto the flight deck and has them shut the door. He then activates the aft airstair door and throws out a portion of the ransom money and two parachutes to make it look like he jumped.

He then uses his knowledge of the aircraft (most researchers agree that he worked in aviation somehow as he knew to choose a route operating the 727 and also how to activate the aft airstair door in-flight (something that even the cabin crew were not trained to do)) and uses a hidden maintenance panel to access the cargo bay or landing gear.

Upon landing in Reno, law enforcement sweep the cabin and confirm that he’s no longer there but I’d wager they didn’t search the cargo bay or landing gear. He then walks away from the confusion wearing the disguise of a police officer or airport ground crew that he had worn under his suit all along. Just walks away through the confusion, money bag in hand.” — DevilRenegade

The 1962 escape from Alcatraz


“I want to know if they really made it or not!” — beaksy88

“I think they made it. If they were smart enough to come up with such an elaborate plan to escape, there’s a high chance they were able to come up with the plan to dump some stuff in the water to make them seem dead.” — TheAfterglow-

“They did make it as random flowers showed up on their mothers birthday every year, two random ladies who very closely resembled the brothers showed up who no one knew, a letter from one of the anglin brothers I think saying that if he came forward and he would only come forward if there would be no punishment and he would be set free. One of the cell buddies of the anglin brothers said they were very smart and would definitely get out.” — SkiddyBop12

Lori Vallow and her missing kids

“This is a current case. What happened to Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow? I think we can all assume that a they were killed by their mom but where are the bodies? Maybe she put them into a cult facility somewhere and they’re still alive.

Timeline for Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell.

This man’s perfectly healthy wife dies in bed overnight and no autopsy was performed? Who cares if he declined it? It wasn’t suspicious at all? Now they’ve exhumed her body and Daybell and Vallow are being investigated in her death.

Lori Vallow also tried locking her EX husband out of his own life insurance. He caught it and switched the beneficiary to his mom.

Her ex husband came to the house for his visitation with their son. Somehow he ends up getting shot by her brother and it’s all written off as self defense.

Apparently her kids were zombies.

Her niece is in the cult and may know where they are.

This case is going to end up a miniseries when it’s all over.” — Myfourcats1

Undiscovered knowledge

“There are a lot of undeciphered languages out there. A large portion are because the languages either grew up in isolation or didn’t leave any descendants. I often wonder what those languages recorded that we’ve never seen.” — axw3555

Master Fard Muhammad

“The true identity of Master Fard Muhammad. Despite having a report on him that spans several hundred pages, no one in the FBI or anywhere else can say for sure who he really was…Apart from being a street preacher who founded the Nation of Islam. He showed up in Detroit in 1930, and disappeared in 1934.” — euripides_eumenides

Malaysia Airlines flight 370


“I read an article (or series of articles, no sure) that basically stated that there was enough information from sources like ocean-recovered shrapnel from the plane that the indication was that the pilot intentionally flew the plane extremely high so the pressure in the cabin would drop to the point of everyone passing out, veered sharply off course and headed west to the indian ocean (not necessarily in that order, I read this months ago), and then plunged the aircraft into the indian ocean at high speeds. It did not make me feel better.” — caoimhe_latifah

“Reminds me of when Steve Fossett went missing and it was presumed his plane crashed. They did this extensive search and found eight previously unknown crash sites. Then Google was able to focus their mapping satellites on the search zone and take actual photos which were then looked over by 50k different people and yielded nothing. And this was a plane that crashed on land. It wasnt until a year later someone stumbled upon the wreckage.

And we’re looking for a plane that is somewhere in the ocean, way outside of radar range, and under a mile of rough seas.” — Gc8211

“The pilot did a murder-murder-murder-murder-(…) suicide. Malaysian authorities didn’t want to acknowledge it but the evidence is pretty clear.” — roboticbees

The disappearance of Maura Murray

“College girl gets in a car crash near Woodsville, New Hampshire, abandons her car and is never to be seen again. There are several theories – the most commonly agreed case is that she succumbed to the elements.” — BajaBlast90

“The days leading up to Maura Murray’s disappearance had some super weird incidents.

There was a car crash that occurred near the student dorm building she worked at that she may have been a part of. Not to mention telling people that she was leaving school for a funeral when there wasn’t a funeral. The fact that she Googled a ski resort in a nearby town.

Also, her mugshot from when she was arrested was so unsettling, like she was dealing with some serious dark stuff. It legitimately creeped me out to look at it.” — BajaBlast90

The Villisca Axe Murderer

Laura Bernhardt

“A whole family and a couple of their kids friends were violently murdered via axe. The killer was never caught (I’m assuming because it happened in 1912).” — MusicalPigeon

JonBenet Ramsey

Wikimedia Commons

“I just really want to know what happened in the Ramsey house that night.” — mmagicss

“I absolutely think the mom wrote the note and knows something (well, knew something) about it. Its just too weird. Why write a ransom note IN the house, but then kill the little girl anyway and leave her body there? Why was the mom still all made up and in the same clothes from the night before at 6am or whatever? Something shady was happening in that family.” — whatthemoondid

“I think that her brother probably accidentally knocked her out but him and her parents assumed she was dead, so they tried to make it look like someone came in and killed her, which actually ended up killing her. The place where her house was there was a snow flurry happening and snow on the ground, no footprints leading to the house were found, which is very hard to pull off unless you were hiding for long enough that the footprints got covered up. Not to mention there were no signs of forced entry and I believe the handwriting on the ransom note matched the mothers handwriting. And in an interview her brother did much later, he was all happy and smiley. Which is kind of odd since the topic was how his sister was brutally murdered. That’s kind of sketchy to me.” — ignorant_vegetation

“There’s a fringe theory that I subscribe to. Her dad worked for Lockheed and Martin. There’s talk that she was part of a super rich folk pedo ring. That mom and dad didn’t kill her but were complicit and helped cover it up. If you want to get even more conspiracy theory ish about it, some people think mom and jon benet were part of the MK ultra experiments and mom was the big and she was the little. Last Podcast on the Left did a really good two part episode on that theory that I highly recommend. Anyway you cut it, the family knows who killed her. That ransom note is one of the most interesting random notes of all time” — everneveragain

Harold Holt

National Archives of Australia

“I think the consensus is a heart attack or a severe cramp and drowned. Although death by shark is pretty popular and where he went swimming was a known spot for the big pointy teethed fellows.” — Illyrian_by_trade

“I’ve been to that beach where he went missing a few times. It’s scary dangerous how rough the water is even on relatively calm days. It’s got lots of rock ledges, thick seaweed and washing machine water flows. I think he was crazy just to think of going swimming there.” — frankenzen

“There’s another theory that he was picked up by a Russian or Chinese Submarine.” — Chewiesbro

Asha Degree

Wikimedia Commons

“It is just so disturbing to me that a little 9 year old girl would just leave in the middle of the night during a huge thunderstorm and never be seen again. I wonder if she’s still alive.” — Aquabaybe

“Why would she leave her house in the middle of a thunderstorm at 3ish in the morning? What would motivate her to walk so far in this terrible weather? Why were candy wrappers and some of her other items found in a shed with no evidence she ever entered the shed? Why was her backpack found in such a protected and preserved state 26 miles away?

All the evidence indicates she had a happy family life and was a well-behaved child. And she was terrified of the dark!

It’s a crazy and sad case.” — crimsonlaw

The Somerton man

Australian police

“A man appears dead on an Australian beach. No ID, but a shred of paper is found on him torn from a book reading “Tamun Shud” translating to “the end.” Authorities never ID him and no one is ever accused of killing him. Theories abound about who he might have been.” — erinkjean

“And of course the weirdest bit, they find the exact book the paper was torn from, and it has a mysterious code written in the back of it. Which sounds straight out of an Agatha Christie novel.” — trowzerss

Here is an article abut a DNA test that was performed.” — Wencar

Amelia Earhart

Underwood & Underwood

“There was an awesome documentary in which she basically turned around in the storm and flew to the wrong islands, landed in Japanese territory and was sent around for a while until she was executed.” — Somebody3005

“Think she made it to Gardener. There was a lot of radio messages that came through after she landed for the next few days. Some were pranks but a few that were caught by the direction finder in Hawaii all cross paths over or near the island.

Then there is the case of a girl in Florida (if memory serves me right) who heard an entire exchange from what she believed to be Amelia. She wrote down what was being said and it was shocking how real it comes across. The notebook survives to this day and some of the things being mentioned are just too detailed for a young girl to come up with.

BTW look up higher harmonics if you want to know how a radio message like that makes it halfway around the world.” — JohnnyTeardrop

Long Island Beach murders


“Used to sleep with my college girl on the beach. We would park at the dead end by Gilgo beach and then walk across Ocean Parkway and stay up all night. About a month before those bodies were found we saw a guy in his 40s with a shovel running away from the dunes after he saw us. Blue windbreaker, light brown hair. Ex still calls me now and then saying she still gets goosebumps when she thinks about that. The bodies were found right where we saw that dude.” — Yallneedzeus

“The short list of suspects in Wikipedia for this includes the then Suffolk County police chief. Whether he did it or not, he stalled the FBI investigation because he himself was under investigation for some crazy things.” — AlanMercer

Area 51

“I think it really is just an experimental aircraft testing site. Lots of old reports and descriptions of UFOs from the area are super consistent with modern day stealth bombers. Plus, who knows what kind of secret things they could have made that we don’t even know about?” — _Cyanide_Christ_

“If there was ever anything in Area 51, chances are they’ve moved it all somewhere else because the place went viral. If we know about it, its probably old information that’s no longer accurate.” — TheAfterglow-

“I was stationed at Nellis AFB which controls area 51. I worked in a pediatrics clinic so never saw anything interesting. I would always talk to these guys in the common ares who were maintainers (maintenance guys for planes). Anyhow one was telling me him and some other people went to Creech AFB (another bsse in the area) one day and were told to NOT ask questions about anything they saw.” — BloodAngel85

Brian Shaffer’s disappearance from a bar in Columbus

“There is no footage of him leaving the bar at all that night, despite there being footage of the one entrance/exit all night (even capturing him leaving and going back into the bar prior to closing).

He was a good looking med student who had everything going for him and he was 6’2”… not likely that he’d get grabbed without someone noticing or become victim to a random attack.

He was never located and his phone even rang three times once when dialed. His friend refuses to sit for a lie detector and there is speculation that Columbus PD thinks he may be alive.

It just feels so sinister.” — screwengland

The Voynich Manuscript

“It’s a book that’s totally undeciphered, and written in an unknown language, with pictures of plants that aren’t any identifiable plants, and other strange things like women coming out of pipes. It’s carbon dated to the 1400’s but nothing else is known about its origin, and all attempts to figure it out have been debunked.” — ShinjukuAce

The Dytalov Pass Incident

Soviet investigators

“What happened? What went wrong? What was so urgent that they cut themselves out of their tent and ran out into a snowstorm?

And what caused their injuries? What creature could do such damage?

The world won’t know. All we can do is guess. Maybe one day they’ll find the truth. Or maybe this will go down as an unsolved mystery to the end.” — WinterKing975

“Read Dead Mountain by Donnie Eichar. He provides by far the most plausible explanation for the Dyatlov Pass incident I’ve ever encountered. His own theory was that they got hit by an extremely rare weather phenomenon called a Karman Vortex that can induce a state of temporary insanity. Basically while they had this thing barreling down on them they would have been hit by an overwhelming and inexplicable sense of panic and terror that would have caused them to flee the safety of their tent, after which they died trying to survive in the blizzard they’d just thrown themselves into. Eichar consulted with one of the world’s foremost experts on Karman Vortices who confirmed that the shape of the mountain whose slope they were camping on, combined with the weather conditions of that night were ideal for creating a Karman Vortex too.

And even if you don’t buy this theory it’s still a worthwhile read for anyone interested in the Diatlov Pass incident just because it will make you aware of how much bullshit and misinformation gets spread around on the internet to try to make the situation seem more mysterious than it actually was. For example, people talk about how some tree branches were broken off above two of the bodies but leave out the fact that it was because those two broke the branches themselves to start a fire, or make much out of the fact that the tongue of one of the hikers was “cut out” but ignore the fact that her body had been lying face down in a creek bed for four months before she was found and her face was half decomposed already, but the most infuriating of all is the amount of conspiracy-mongering people do around the fact that three of the hikers died from blunt force trauma while conveniently ignoring the fact that, and I’m going to switch to all caps here, THEY FELL OFF A FUCKING CLIFF! At the very least, Eichar gets a lot of credit for ignoring all the bullshit and conspiracy-mongering and making an honest effort to try to understand what actually happened that night.” — LoxodonSniper

Sneha Philip

Post Secret

“The disappearance of Sneha Philip and her possible link to a PostSecret postcard of the twin towers with text “everyone who knew me before 9/11 thinks I’m dead.”” — cerealandsloths

Lars Mittank

“He was last seen running for his life from an airport in a yellow t shirt in July 2014. Why did he run? What did he see/have happen to him? Where did he go?” — ratdarkness

“There’s a pretty compelling theory that his fear of being followed by people and that “they” were going to kill him, as well as the mood swings and erratic behavior were all just paranoia and hallucinations resulting from the concussion he got during the fight a couple nights prior and/or a bad reaction to antibiotics. Still weird they never found him, though.” — Legion213

Melungeon people in Appalachia

“A somewhat dark skinned, Mediteranian looking population of people that lived deep in the mountains in western North Carolina that claimed they were the descendents of stranded Portuguese sailors. Their culture was very European, but by all accounts they were there when other white people moved west. We’re they actually descended from runaway slaves? Some think so. Nobody really knows where they came from.

They over time intermarried with Cherokee peoples and their story got forgotten. My grandmother’s last name is listed as a common melungeon name and her family came from that area 150 years ago. That is why I am interested.” — onlyexcellentchoices

“I’m a Guinea (sometimes called Melungeon, but we’re not in TN or KY) of West Virginia, and my group is a mix of mostly Turkish, then African and Caucasian. My family has old hatred for what we are because we’re still treated like shit there to this day (had a young guy ask how much we sold our women for and if he could buy me for “comfort”). The old ones mostly refuse to talk about where we came from because they either genuinely don’t know or hate to bring light to the fact that we’re not white – which most of us clearly aren’t.

There are actually some amazing academic books written about us that – for once – don’t cast aspersions on our character, intelligence, sexuality, or claim we commune with dark forces and fuck Satan. My husband (anthropologist) bought me a bunch of them because my family got upset that I asked questions, and the old ones who did want to talk to me about it aren’t able to anymore. For my group at least, I learned that we’re Turkish most likely due to the Turks brought in during the colonial era for the silk manufacturing being undertaken in the southern colonies, and the rest is most likely just from slaves and their owners intermixing. My family has not an ounce of Native American DNA, which shocked us, because it seems like almost everyone does. That, and being so strongly Turkish, are exactly what makes my group unique – because we lack Native American DNA, which is not something that is found in other Melungeon or Guinea groups.

At any rate, the reason you don’t know much about us is because we’re incredibly secretive and we take great pride in being able to blend in with almost anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Being ethnically ambiguous makes our lives easier because we don’t get singled out for trouble if we can blend, and we can survive where we are better for it. Some of us can blend better than others, like my brothers – but I look incredibly Turkish with a yellow tan (yellow bone, as some old people call it), and stick out like a sore thumb. People have treated us as mythical forest elves or backwoods sister fuckers for a long time, and that doesn’t feel nice, obviously. That, and in the 70s and 90s, the same people who shoved us away by burning down our schools and threatening to lynch us trespassed on our mountains because they wanted to take pictures of us in our natural habitat – like we’re fucking zoo animals. All we want is to be left in peace. We’re a very quiet people, and we just want to be left to our business and not treated like an exhibit or trash.

So – there you have it. We aren’t mysterious. We didn’t get here in any unusual way – at least not my group. We just don’t like greater society, and we have damn good reason not to. You’ve probably run into many of us and just didn’t know it because we’re either trying to blend or haven’t been told the old stories because of family shame for what we are.” — MamieJoJackson

Dancing plague of 1518

Hendrik Hondius

“I highly doubt it’s demonic possession, so what could it be?” — americantakeout

Reddit Bureau of Investigation

Top post of all time on r/RBI

Reddit finds that a company is using self development as a front, and teaching rich businessmen how to get away with rape. He even found videos where they hidden camera raped women on film. The day after the post is made the redditor gets their account suspended and we never hear about it again.” — EveningMuffin

The Lane Bryant murders mystery

“It’s unbelievable that it remains unsolved.” — Icamp2cook

“I always believed this is a case of robbery gone bad. I don’t have any proof ,it just seems like someone didn’t want to go to jail.” — adolfoblanco74