The Boston Marathon Explosions, In Photos And Tweets

Photos and tweets of the explosions in Boston. We’ll be updating this for the rest of the day.

7:04 PM

6:42 PM

6:38 PM

6:26 PM

6:20 PM

6:11 PM

6:09 PM

6:06 PM

6:05 PM

6:01 PM

5:57 PM

5:54 PM

5:50 PM

5:44 PM

5:41 PM

5:37 PM

5:35 PM

5:31 PM

5:28 PM

5:25 PM

5:20 PM

5:17 PM

5:15 PM


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    I had just heard about the tragedy in Boston and immediately got worried for my guy in New York. I read about it first through New York Times and messaged him via Facebook since I don’t have a cell phone and it wasn’t enough to me. I needed to be sure he was okay so I called from my house. To hear his voice was good enough even though he may think I was crazy to call. I just had to be sure. He is okay and I’m more than happy but I’m still saddened, anxious and upset about the tragedy. I thought about the tragedy and lives. I hope everyone is okay and my heart goes to the families to everywhere.

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