Outlast Your Gods

Outlast Your Gods

By Elias Witherow

Lost in his head, young Rowan dreams of a life he fears he’ll never have. Torn between chasing his own desires and pleasing his overbearing father, Rowan struggles to find a balance as he faces the challenges of growing up. When a new couple move into the trailer next door, Rowan befriends the confident and charismatic husband, a man named Sawyer. Unlike his father, Sawyer listens to Rowan. He listens a lot. He encourages Rowan to stand up to the town bullies and chase the girl he’s been fantasizing about. There’s a raw and honest edge to his advice that captures Rowan’s loyalty. But as their friendship grows, Rowan begins to sense that he’s on a collision course with a horrific darkness that began only as a shadow. When faced with the impossible, sometimes your only hope is to outlast your gods.

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