The 18 Strangest Places People Have Had Sex

Most people have had sex in a car or some public place before, but have you ever gotten it on (or pleasured yourself) somewhere that made you feel genuinely naughty? I went over to r/AskReddit to collect some good strange sex location tales.

1. AnAlternativeName

When I was a kid I masturbated in the back seat, sitting upright, while my mom and sister were in the front seat. I had a pillow laying across my lap. I just was driven crazy by the need to play with myself… And after I came, I was unbelievably paranoid and ashamed. As far as I know, they never knew or mentioned it. I’m a girl, for reference.

2. WarpedRecall

Handjob in the back of a cop car

3. LoweHerz

Inside an old church, with the pastors daughter.

4. Well_im_sure

12 year old me masterbated in the back seat of the family van. While on a road trip.

5. FUCKelli

Had sex in a display storage shed at Menards… It was… Just the right amount of trashy. Not quite Lowes but definitely better than Home Depot.

6. TheEerieZeroQueen

On my 18th birthday I had sex on top of a cement mixing plant. Last week I received a BJ in a cave.

7. ckydmk

Got a blowjob during the middle of a game of mini-putt. That shit was awesome

8. throwawayjkjk

I fingered my ex in the line for Space mountain at Disneyland. Actually, I fingered her all over Disneyland now that I think of it

9. way_fairer

I fucked a girl in a porta-potty on Spring Break.

10. TittyBaconSprinkles

I stuck a french-fry up my ass in a public pool once.

11. Acostaspride

Had sex in a hotel room about 4 feet away from my ex’s sleeping mother.

12. _From_The_Internet_

2003 Invasion of Iraq front lines outside an-Nasiriya. We had gone with little to no sleep for days in an intense environment. There was no fun, no joy, just shit. I was on watch at night while everyone else in my fighting hole slept. I whipped it out and jacked it slowly so that I would last the entire watch. It helped with entertainment and staying awake, plus we all know we can hear everything when we’re jacking off.

13. warpaint

had sex with my teacher in her lexus on the football field.

14. tenkwitnesses

hotel room at the beach. got out of the shower and my GF at the time was standing on the 6th story balcony flashing a couple of guys on the boardwalk. she felt bad and apologized. i told her that i thought it was kind of hot and to keep doing it. before you know it she was naked and showing off all the goods to a crowd that had gathered to watch the show… maybe 15 people. before long she turned around and told me that her exhibition turned her on more than anything she had ever done and told me she wanted me to bang her in front of everyone. i obliged. by the time we were done a rather large crowd had gathered (25-30 people maybe) needless to say it was quite the thrill but i don’t think i would ever have the balls to try it again mostly out of fear of getting arrested.


Masturbation…in the living room…while we were all watching a movie…and apparently it was really obvious because my mother had to tell me to take the jerk to the bathroom

16. Cloaksin_Daggers

Convent, while doing community service towards my confirmation.

17. bitastrophe

in houston, tx rush hour traffic like 8 or 9 yrs ago, me and my ex gf went into the trunk through backeat and got it on, during which i pop the kidnap handle and all the traffic saw my bare white ass and honked in approval it was the high point of my sex to date

18. 5k1895

One time while I was mowing the lawn I realized I really had to piss. Like really badly. I thought about going inside, but then I was like, “I should just piss out here”. So I did. But I was frightened from possibly being caught, and for some reason this gave me a boner. A fear boner. After I was done, I still had the boner. Not only that, but I was really fucking horny. I looked around to make sure no one was paying attention, and then whipped out my dick and jerked that thing hard. Just right there in my yard. Where any of my neighbors could have seen me. I came, and it was one of the most incredible orgasms I’ve ever had. Surprisingly enough, no one saw anything. I wouldn’t recommend doing this, though. You might get the cops called on you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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