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What Primates Teach Us About Being Human

Scientists still disagree vehemently on the extent of influence, because the differences between bonobos and chimps speak on differing views of human nature and any answer will be extremely politically charged. Chimps seem to confirm the fears of the right, and bonobos fulfill the dreams of the left.

No One Cares That You Graduated

If you’re anything like me and my friends, you will saunter into that first post-college position ready to take over the company, entitled to all the perks and special considerations because you’re a college grad.

The Beauty Of Insignificance

As a speck of microcosmic dust, in the scheme of the universe you are — almost literally — nothing. The universe would not so much as bat its eyelash if the Earth was annihilated tomorrow, and would continue about its routine as if nothing unusual had happened at all, which, strictly speaking, hadn’t.