She Left You Because You Never Loved Her Like She Deserved

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You thought you could do all the work at the beginning. You thought you could smooth talk your way into her heart and get her hooked on you. You thought you could do a couple nice things, pay her a few compliments and take her out then that would be good enough. You thought that once you got comfortable with her that you could just stop trying to impress her and things would be fine. You thought you could manipulate her into believing she needed you and she’d stay because she loved you, but you were wrong.

That girl may be sweet but she’s also strong. She knows what she deserves and she knows she deserves better than your half-hearted love.

Say may have got lost in your world for a little while but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t ever going to find her way out, it doesn’t mean that was a green light for you to start treating her poorly – that’s why she left you.

She left you because you never told her how much you cared about her unless she brought it up first. She left because you never went out of your way to do anything sweet for her unless she repeatedly asked you. She left you because she finally got tired of putting you first when you’d never put her first. She left you because she realized it’s better to be alone than to be with someone who makes you feel alone.

You broke her heart, but she isn’t looking for you to heal it because she’s smart enough to know the person who broke her heart can’t be the one to put it back together.

You had your chance with her but you blew it. You thought that once you had her you didn’t have to keep working for her love, and that’s why you lost her.

You lost her because you never made her feel special when she was constantly trying to get you to notice her. You lost her because you never supported her decisions, instead, you constantly put her down.

You lost her because you treated her like you didn’t care about her and she finally realized that she deserved better.

A girl like her doesn’t deserve to be put on the back burner. She deserves the same love in return that she has given you since the beginning. You starting to pull away only made her love harder to win your attention back and it should never have been that way. You should have loved her like you’d lose her all along and you would never have.

Instead, you took her love for granted. You just treated her like she was an inconvenience to your daily life and that’s why she left you. She left you because you gave her no other option. She left you because you can only allow your heart to break so many times by the same person before you decided enough is enough, and you pushed her to that breaking point.

You took advantage of her heart and you stomped on it until all she could do was pick up what dignity she had left and walk away.

When she started walking you didn’t even chase her, you didn’t even follow her, you didn’t even ask where she was going. You just let her go and that’s when she knew she deserved better, that’s when she knew you never deserved her heart in the first place.

She left because you never gave her a reason to stay. She left because she knew it was time to stop loving a heart that would never beat for her the way she needed it to. She left because she knew it was time to start loving herself the way she tried to love you for so long.

She left because you never deserved her heart in the first place and she could finally see that now. TC mark

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