You’re Unhappy In Your Dead-End Relationship Because You Won’t Leave

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It’s easier said than done, it always is, but hear me out. You’re unhappy in your relationship because you won’t leave. Instead, you’re dealing with the same endless bullshit that you’ve been dealing with for months, maybe even years. You’re trying so hard to make it better and he doesn’t care.

I hate to break it to you but it’s not just going to magically get better one day. You’re unhappy for whatever reason, but you’re staying unhappy because you won’t walk away. Your relationship has run its course, it was fun while it lasted but now you’re hanging on to nothing. You keep looking down the barrel of a loaded gun. It’s not okay.

You can’t keep having the same fight, or maybe you can, but it’s not going to get you anywhere. It’s a never ending cycle you’re stuck in that’s filled with built up anger that leads to fighting that leads to apologies that leads to temporary happiness, before it turns back into anger and the cycle starts all over again.

It’s not healthy. If you want to stay in your miserable relationship then be my guest, but I can promise you it gets better because I’ve been there. This shouldn’t be the life you want or the future you envisioned.

This isn’t the best it can be. It can be better you just haven’t allowed yourself to feel that or experience it.

Happiness isn’t promised dinners, it’s not the gifts or the flowers after a fight – that stuff isn’t happiness and you shouldn’t allow that temporary ‘happiness’ to be enough.

You should be with someone who keeps their promises and you keep yours. You should be with someone who respects you at all times and who you respect equally. You should be with someone you can trust and someone who trusts you, not someone who calls you a whore when you want to go out with your friends. You should be with someone who loves you like they’re going to lose you and not like they don’t care about you until you threaten to leave.

You can’t keep going back, it’s only going to lead to more unhappiness and more broken promises.

You can love someone with your whole heart but that doesn’t mean you should be together and it surely doesn’t mean you’ll end up together. It might feel like the heartache won’t stop hurting, like the pain won’t end, like the tears won’t stop coming but you can’t lose yourself in a relationship with someone who keeps you around because they think it’s better to have you there than face the discomfort of being alone.

You’re unhappy because you won’t leave – you don’t know when to walk away and say goodbye for good. It’s hard to walk away from the person you envisioned forever with but realistically you can’t keep being okay with a temporary fix, not a permanent solution. Stop trying to put a bandaid on a bullet hole.

Sometimes forever doesn’t exist. People change and so do feelings, it’s not fair but it’s inevitable and you can’t force someone to change.

You can’t keep staying somewhere you’re unwanted or not getting the attention you feel you deserve because the harder you push the further away they pull.

You don’t always get your happily ever after and the faster you walk away from the person whose making you unhappy the faster you’ll be able to find happiness on your own, or with someone who treats you better. You have to know when enough is enough and you have to know when to walk away.

You have to be the one who makes the final call, but you’re unhappy right now because you won’t leave when you know you should. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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