This Is How You Love A Girl With A Closed Off Heart

This girl is different from the rest. She’s not looking for love because she’s completely content with being on her own. She doesn’t need someone else to feel complete because she knows she isn’t lacking love. She knows she isn’t unlovable and she knows she could have someone by her side if she wanted.

This girl is fine on her own and in fact she enjoys being alone. She’s doesn’t have someone benched for when she’s lonely, she doesn’t have anyone to talk to at night or text her good morning, and she still functions just fine.

She’s her own woman and she’s become comfortable to being on her own – maybe a little too comfortable with it. Being alone has become her comfort, her protection, her shield. It’s how she protects her heart from being broken or mistreated again.

If you find yourself falling for a girl like her you’ll need to be patient. You’ll need to give her the time and space she needs to grasp you wanting to be part of her life. She might try to push you away because she won’t believe you when you promise you’ll stay, but she desperately wants you to prove her wrong.

Being with someone is not something she can just jump right into because for her it’s a complete lifestyle change. She’s been so reliant on just herself in the past that she’s nearly forgotten what it’s like to consider someone else and to be honest, she’s not sure she’s ready for it.

Loving a girl who’s closed off will require time and understanding on your part. It will require you trusting her when she tells you she just needs some time alone and listening intently when she tells you she wants to talk.

There will be days where she is blowing up your phone and days where she’s silent because more than anything you being in her life scares her and she doesn’t want to get too invested and attached if all you’re going to do is leave.

Maybe she’s loved before and had her heart broken or maybe she’s scared you’ll turn around on your promises and leave her for someone better.

It’s important you understand where she is coming from with her fears, hesitations, doubts and questions. She’s not used to people sticking around and keeping their promises. She’s used to people leaving and being disappointed so she tries not to get her hopes up and think too deeply into things – it’s why she’s become so guarded.

A girl whose heart is closed off won’t be easy to love but she will be worth it. She has a big heart and once you get through all the damage that’s been done you will see how much love she still has to give you. She won’t make you question where you stand in her life, she won’t make you wonder if she loves you because she will show you.

It might take a little extra effort to get to the heart of the girl who’s closed off, but it will be worth it because you’ll never love anyone like her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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