16 Happily Married People Share The One Thing They Do To Keep Their Love Alive


1. “I’ve made her coffee for the last 20 years every single morning and it still makes her smile every single morning.” – Bill, 43

2. “We still party together. We will go out to dance and drink. It makes us feel young and it’s a great way to reminisce. It also stops age from getting the best of us. All we need is a little fun.” – Tammy, 51

3. “We still flirt with each other after all these years. It’s not good enough just to be married and love someone, you have to be IN love with them, that’s what most people forget.” – Randy, 39

4. “I always, always, always pull the car up for her and drop her off at the door. I’ll let her wait at the door while I go out in the rain or snow and pull the car right up to her so she never has to get wet, it’s always made her happy.” – Mark, 60

5. “We never go to bed mad at each other, when we were younger we’d stay up all night if we had to, but we’d always get it all out before we went to bed. It makes the mornings much more pleasant and you never feel resentment towards each other.” – Lucy, 54

6. “We struggled for a little while, but what I found keeps our love alive and rekindled the flame is doing little things for each other. My husband started buying my flowers and I started leaving him love notes. We started our romance up again and that’s what we lost in the first place, now we’re happier than ever, all it takes is a little communication and kissing.” – Kathy, 39

7. “We go for a walk together every day. I think getting out of the house and exercising together really helps us refresh after a long day. It lets us talk about our days without any distractions at home and we’re reminded just how lucky we are along our stroll.” – Ivy, 46

8. “We still cuddle. We never stopped cuddling, actually. At least once or twice a week we cuddle on the couch together to watch the news or watch a movie, especially around the holiday times. It makes us feel connected and it’s become something we both look forward too.” – John, 51

9. “I’d say cooking together is our secret. We always spend time together in the kitchen cooking and my husband loves trying new recipes. It gets us out of the house to the markets and it makes us work together in the kitchen. It’s wonderful that my husband likes to cook because then I don’t feel like I’m the one always doing the work. It gives us a balance and a common factor that makes each of us happy.” – Lisa, 43

10. “Sex is our trick. We still have sex and we still will try new things every now and then. You’re never too old to experiment with new things.” – Dan, 48

11. “We’ve had a set date night for years and we’ve gone on that date night for years. It always gives us something to look forward to and if we’ve been particularly busy in a certain week it gives us time to talk about it. We always try to find new things we haven’t done before or new restaurants to eat it to switch things up, but we of course have our favorites.” – Amy, 35

12. “I always give her a back massage at the end of the week and buy her a little box of her favorite chocolates. We also hug a lot, hugging is actually pretty important, it has a comfort in it that makes you feel like everything is going to be OK in their arms.” – Tony, 32

13. “We never talk about work at home, we leave it in the office and when we come home we just love each other. Once we started doing that our relationship took a turn for the best and it’s only been getting better since.” – Ana, 41

14. “We never stopped loving each other. Affection is the most important thing in my opinion, if you have a physical and emotional connection you’re going to make it just fine.” – Jack, 70

15. “I swear by the little things, don’t ever stop doing them. Even if it’s just buying her flowers or starting to boil water for her tea or kissing her on the check when she makes you laugh. Never stop the little things. They’re important, kid.” – Jeremy, 62

16. “ Don’t just tell her you love her out of habit, don’t ever let your relationship turn into a habit. Show her you love her and show her why you chose her everyday, even on the days you can’t stand her.” – Nick, 56 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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