Life Is About Cherishing The Littlest Moments

Noël Alva
Noël Alva

Life is about sunrises
and sunsets.
New beginnings
and long over due endings.

Life is about Sunday afternoons
with loved ones.
Having morning coffee and donuts
looking out at the world
on the front porch swing.

Life is about embracing simplicity.
It’s about opening the windows
for the first time
after a long winter freeze.

Life is about road trips
with good friends.
Blasting the radio as the wind whips
against your skin
and a smile
lights up your face.

Life is about love.
It’s about hearing the words
“I love you”
for the first time
from someone who
really means it.

Life is about laughing,
laughing so hard
you start crying
because you can’t stop.

Life is about standing barefoot
in the ocean
on a summer morning.
Waves crashing against the shore
so calming,
so peaceful.

Life is about just being.
Being alive.
Being well.
Being still.
Appreciating the silence
being capable to feel so much,
so deeply.

Life is about
living for good people,
living for good experiences,
living for now,
not living for later.

Life is about
the little things,
the important things.
Cherish those things. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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