I Want The Kind Of Love Our Grandparents Had


I want an old fashioned love where we take things slow, where we don’t dive right in and move at lightning speed. I want to go on dates; I want to figure out the person from what they tell me and what their behaviors show me, not by what they post on Instagram.

I want someone to ask me out on a date, a real date, not a “lets hang out” date. I want to spend hours getting ready and dance around my room with my friends. I want to have him pick me up at a certain time and have butterflies in my stomach as I walk to his car.

I want to sit down at a restaurant and have an actual, meaningful conversation. I don’t want to gossip or talk about the latest trends, I want to talk about life and our backgrounds. I want to listen to the words he has to say as he sits across from me and I want him to do the same for me. I don’t want to be competing with a phone for attention.

I want to take a walk afterwards because it goes so well. I want to walk along the streetlights, laughing and feeling hopeful thoughts in my head. I want him to drive me home after and walk me to the front door. I want to feel that sense of nerves wondering and hoping he will kiss me before he leaves, with no expectations of staying the night or hooking up.

But more than any of that, I want him to mean what he says when he brings me home. I want him to be honest if he had fun and I want him to mean it if he plans to talk to me soon.

I don’t want to wait around for days on end, hoping he might text me or Tweet something about me. I want him to call me; I want to hear his voice. I don’t want the games, I don’t want the rules, I want honesty and I want him to be upfront.

And if it does go well and I do hear from him again, I want an old fashioned kind of love. I want him to walk to my house with flowers and surprise me just because, I want him to hold the door for me because it’s the proper thing to do. I don’t need loads of gifts, I don’t need a “In A Relationship” post on Facebook, all I want is someone who is upfront and honest. Someone who doesn’t make me question if they love me and if they want me around.

I want someone to bring me a care package just because I don’t feel well. I want someone to plan surprise trips for us to go on. I want someone to do romantic things for me because those little things are what is important.

I want someone who will fight for us when things get rough and not just bolt at the first sign of hardship. I want someone who will talk through our problems and not let their frustration get the best of them. I want someone who won’t just get up and walk out the door because problems are inevitable, but there is always a way to work to the solution.

And of all the wants I have, I also have a ton of love I want to give.

I want to make him coffee in the morning and cook breakfast for him. I want to surprise him with little romantic gestures as much as I want to be surprised. I want to take care of him when he’s sick. I want to write him notes and call him when he’s away. I want to do just as much for him, if not more, than he does for me.

I want someone who wants to love like our grandparents did because if I learned anything from them it’s that they got it right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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