18 People On The Most Fucked Up Thing They’ve Ever Done Under Their Parents’ Roof

Lyubomir Ignatov
Lyubomir Ignatov

1. “I used to sneak guys in my bedroom window when my parents were sleeping in their room down the hall from me. I’d wait until I thought they were sleeping, invite them over and hook up with them. Very risky, but I never got caught.” – Eleanore, 23

2. “I used to grow marijuana in my room and my parents never had a clue. Or if they did have a clue, they never said anything to me about it.” – Nick, 26

3. “I had an orgy on my parents’ bed when they went away for the weekend.” – Mason, 28

4. “I drove my car into my garage and lied to my parents that someone must have hit and run my car. They paid for all the damage to my car. I actually felt kind of bad, but I didn’t want to tell them the truth.” – Lauren, 22

5. “I smoked so much weed one time that I actually blacked out and projectile vomited all over the bathroom. I was way to stoned to clean it up so I just left it and passed out on the floor. My parents were not happy about that one.” – Christina, 25

6. “I had a party one time in high school, my parent’s were supposed to be gone for the night, but instead they came home early. And what was even worse was they came home to find two teenagers fucking in their bed. I thought my life was going to be over.” – Chris, 23

7. “I used to invite girls over during the day when my parents weren’t home and we’d fuck everywhere, even on the kitchen table. Sorry dad my ass was where your dinner plate was a few times.” – Jake, 28

8. “My dad has a porn collection of old dirty magazines in his closet. I take them and jerk off to them when he isn’t home on his closet floor.” – Caleb, 24

9. “I used to have sex in my room when my parents were home because I thought I was sneaky. Turns out my parents heard me, they just never say anything until now.” – Callie, 25

10. “My parents are really strict and my dad is a cop, but I used to think I was a rebel and smoke weed out of my bedroom window. His room is next to mine, looking back it was dumb, but at the time I thought I was really cool.” – Brianna, 22

11. “Before I had my license I ‘borrowed’ my moms car without her permission and went to get food from a drive thru because I was starving. I ended up driving into a guardrail and dented her car. She was fuming mad at me.” –Alysia, 26

12. “Whenever I’m home alone I always lock all the door because it’s creepy AF and I am easily scared. Well, I ended up passing out in my bed and locking my parents out of the house. They pounded on all the doors and rang the doorbell, but I slept right through it. They were so mad at me about it.” – Ashlee, 21

13. “I kept a collection of drugs in my nightstand and my parent’s never knew. I’d be fucked up on cocaine in their house and they paid so little attention to me they didn’t even realize. I’d also sell drugs out of their house, they didn’t realize that either.” – Daniel, 29

14. “I always threw parties when my parents were out of town. People would puke and break shit all the time so I’d just clean super hard in the morning and try as best I could do avoid things getting broken, but it was basically inevitable. One time someone broke one of my mom’s favorite knick-knack things and she never let me hear the end of it. I still don’t think she has forgiven me.” – Alex, 23

15. “I found my parents’ sex toys and I used them for myself then I put them back. They never noticed they were gone.” – Sam, 26

16. “I used to steal my parents’ pain killers and get high off of them.” – Todd, 28

17. “I jerked off one time and my mom busted my door open as I was cuming. I’ve never pulled my pants up so fast but I had semen on my hands and she made me start kneading the pizza dough for dinner. I told her I needed to wash my hands first but she threw the dough at me before I had the chance. Everyone got a little bit of me that night for dinner and I barely ate my food.” – Tim, 24

18. “My little brother used to flush his condoms down the toilet and it caused our septic tank to back up and explode and there was shit all over the house. It was disgusting.” – Tina, 23 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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