10 Signs You’re Single AF (And Loving It)


1. You extremely value the relationships you do have.
Your relationships with your friends and family are super important to you because without them you wouldn’t have anything. You can shower them with all the love you have in your heart and in turn they’ll love you right back. It’s awesome for you because you never have to compromise seeing them because you’re free to do whatever fits your schedule and your schedule only!

2. You have a chocolate stash and a snack shelf (or shelves). 
You keep whatever makes you happy in your kitchen and sometimes that’s chocolate because who doesn’t enjoy coming home after a long day and stuffing their face with a chocolate bar? Sometimes that’s all you need to feel better. You don’t have to worry about coming home and making dinner for someone you can just kick back and eat from your snack shelf if that’s all you feel like doing.

3. You love going out and not having a single worry (or staying in if that’s more what you’re feeling).
You’ll be out tearing it up on the dance floor and having the time of your life because you have no worries or distractions. You can get drunk or have a casual couple beers, you can go home with someone or walk home by yourself. You can do whatever you’re in the mood for because you don’t have anyone to answer to. And if your weekend plans involve lounging out the couch in your pjs then go for it because you only have yourself to please!

4. You aren’t constantly on your phone.
You can actually engage in conversation without looking at your phone. You don’t have to keep staring at your phone waiting for a text back and you don’t have to call to find out what someone else is doing constantly.

5. You say ‘yes’ to nearly everything.
If you get invited somewhere you’re always the first person to say yes. You don’t have to check-in with anyone or sort out your plans, if you’re free you go because adventure awaits.

6. You don’t post #MCM pictures on Instagram and people LOVE you for it.
Seriously, how is that even a thing still? Everyone knows your BF of 2 years is your #MCM no one needs another reminder of that time you went on vacation together 6 months ago.

7. You always treat yo’ self.
You don’t have to pay for dinner for two or worry about starting a family (yet), you just get to worry about yourself and your needs. So if you want that ice cream, you get it. If you want that new dress, you go ahead and buy it. You do what you want because it’s your money and all you’re thinking about is you.

8. You learn to only rely on yourself and that’s empowering.
If there is a spider in your one bedroom apartment guess who’s either killing it or sleeping with it in the corner of their ceiling? You. You have to do your own laundry, wash your own dishes and do your own grocery shopping. You have to learn how to be self-sufficient on your own and it’s actually pretty awesome to be like BOOM I did that shit on my own.

9. Your happiness doesn’t depend on someone else.
If you’re in a bad mood its because something that happened in your life. You don’t let what happened in someone else’s day affect you, no one is coming home to you in a bad mood, and no one is taking their anger out on you. You create your own happiness by finding what makes you happy.

10. You can literally do whatever the hell you want with no worries.
And if nothing else on this list finds you at peace with being single, let this be the one. I literally moved out of my apartment, sold my belongings and moved across the world because that’s what I wanted to do. Being single means you can actually do anything you want. Don’t like where you live? Move. Want to travel? Hop on a plane. Want to quit the job you hate? Awesome, quit! Do whatever you want because at the end of the day the only person you have to please is yourself and that is wonderful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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