This Is Why It’s So Easy To Fall In Love With Strangers


It’s the guy that always comes into your work to get a coffee to start his day. His tired eyes and sleepy smile that you can’t resist and everyone you work with knows that just seeing him walking in makes your day every time.

It’s the girl you walk by and flash a smile at. She blushes, giggles to her friends, and keeps walking past you; but for a split second it felt like you had a connection that you both felt bolt through your bodies. For those couple seconds it felt like you believed in love at first sight.

It’s the friend of a friend you barely know, but continue to flirt with the whole night. You want their attention and you want to get to know them better, even though you know it’s unrealistic because they live states away and are just in town for the weekend. But for that weekend you want to be their main focus.

It’s the people we don’t really know that sometimes intrigue us the most.

We want to know them because they present us with a mystery that we want to figure out. We want to get to know them and have a meaningful conversation with them. We want to know what’s beneath that charming smile and gorgeous head of hair. We want to know them for who they are, but the thing is we will more than likely never get the chance to find out. That’s the catch, that we will most likely never get that opportunity to know them and that is why we want them so much more, because we know it’s a long shot.

But we can’t deny we love the chase and anything we can’t have.

Reality is that we won’t find out who they are behind their exterior, we won’t find out if they’re a good person or not. We won’t ever know if they’ve cheated on their previous significant other or if they’ve done nothing but good for others. We won’t know if they are family oriented or grew up basically on their own. We won’t know anything about them other than the way they present themselves to us.

The thing is with people we know, who we can’t have, and who we admire from afar is that we can make them out to be anyone we want them to be. We can imagine them to be exactly who we want them to be, we can make them fit the perfect persona we have in our mind for a significant other, and it doesn’t matter because it’s so far fetched that it doesn’t matter.

We get quickly infatuated with people we don’t know for a quick part of our life because we can preconceive them to be anyone we want them to be in our minds.

Their “hi” holds the key to making us weak in our knees and queue the butterflies in our stomachs because infatuation is easy. We take what little of them we know and we fill in the pieces of them with our desires.

It’s always easier to want what we can’t have than actually put our hearts on the line because then we eliminate the risk of getting our heart broken or busied.

It’s easy to think complete strangers are perfect, because that’s all they are, strangers. It’s easy to feel infatuated from afar, but it will never be real. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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