The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be A Devastatingly Beautiful Slow Dance With Love

The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be A Devastatingly Beautiful Slow Dance With Love

A relationship is like a slow dance—every movement must be taken carefully and in consideration of the partner’s and a single misstep can often result in disaster. But when a couple dedicates themselves to perfecting this performance, to the pursuit of intimately knowing each other, the result is devastatingly beautiful.

Selflessness and compromise meet together like clasped hands. While trust and loyalty lock like a love-struck gaze. Care and understanding bear each challenge with mastery and poise, like pairs of nimble feet spinning gracefully across a dance floor. As one partner bends, the other bows. As one partner falls, the other reaches out to catch her.

When a relationship works, it is effortless and fluid—a meticulously choreographed pirouette between two partnered souls in perfect balance.

But like all intricately difficult things, perfection calls for study and practice. So let this be our promise to each other.

One at a time, take each of my hands. Allow the world around us to fall soft then silent as our eyes meet and our bodies shift slowly to the left, then back to the right. We are with each other now.

Things between us won’t always be clean or easy. There will inevitably be days we fall out of sync, step on each other’s toes, or miss a few beats, but every slip and stumble will be a new learning experience. And so with every moment of conflict or discontent, the spaces between them will grow vaster and wider as we begin to understand how each other works.

For instance, when I am brooding and distant, you will soon learn neither to be concerned nor saddened. There are times where I just don’t like myself all that much and I pull away and get caught up in my own self-loathing thoughts—you will learn that when I disconnect it is not because I have lost feelings for you, but because, in a way, I do not feel deserving of yours.

Likewise, with experience, I will endeavour to read the differences between your every shade of mood and need. That look, hunger. That tone of voice, something I said.

I will learn to know when you need space and when you need to be enveloped in warmth and affection and care.

Yes, some of this may come easily, without effort or fuss, while some of it will call for much patience and hard work, but with a healthy perspective, and commitment, and trust, every moment of growth throughout our relationship will be rewarded and, before long, we will fall into a beautiful rhythm together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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My name is Beau Christopher Taplin and I am the author of Buried Light.