The Difference Between Love And Companionship

Almost everyone would think that they are in love with someone once they spend most of their precious time with them. They would even believe that spending each and every day with that special person is a MUST to “be in love.” If you’re one of those people, guess what? YOU’RE WRONG.

For the past years, I’ve been a believer of this false description of what love is. I’ve always thought that significant others should always be together in order to maintain the connection they have. Back then, distance was something that I was afraid of in a relationship. It bothered me to think that my special someone and I would eventually drift away from each other once we lose that physical touch. What if one of us wasn’t strong enough to bear with the distance? What if one of us tires from talking with each other virtually? What if the weaker one finds someone else who is ACTUALLY THERE to provide him or her with the wants or needs he or she has?

It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? To be replaced by someone else just because that person is physically present for your significant other.

Before, I would think that these were likely situations to happen once I am a hundred or even a thousand miles away from my loved one. However, when I actually got into a long-distance relationship, I was awakened by the truth.

For two long years, I only see my significant other once or twice a month. Sometimes, we won’t even see each other for a maximum of two months! It’s difficult, to be honest. But I learned that it’s not about the moments you have together, it’s the MOMENTS YOU MAKE TOGETHER that matter. The late night and early morning phone calls and messages, the afternoon video calls, the laughter you share, the stories you tell, the tears you shed from missing each other, the petty arguments, the apologies you say, the sweet words you utter, the silence when there’s nothing else to say, the look you see at each other’s eyes, the warmth of the hand you hold, the comforting hugs you give and receive, the kisses you give – they are all that really matters.

Love isn’t about time spend with each other, it’s about making every moment count whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or not.

For someone who used to believe that love should always be about companionship, I was wrong. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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