How To Properly Go To The Movies With Your Crush


1. Don’t be late! This is the one time where being fashionably late is a horrible idea. No outfit is worth missing the trailers for.

2. Get ready to play the wallet-reach game: Maybe he asked you out, maybe you asked him out or maybe this was supposed to be a group hang but everyone “bailed” (decided not to show so you love birds could get it on). I don’t know your life! So just be ready to do the overdramatic wallet-reach when lining up for tickets. Pro tip: if he buys the tickets, offer to get the popcorn and drinks.

3. Pick appropriate snacks: This is not the time to get the full combo with nachos, a hot dog and side of pungent onions. This is the time for a box of popcorn, bag of Skittles and drink with two straws.

4. Pick appropriate seats: Try to distance yourself from the other movie-goers, if possible, so you don’t have the added pressure of an audience for your pre-movie chit chat. When in doubt, head to the back of the theater. A couple making out at the back of the theater is tolerated, but a couple making out in the first row? #nope

5. Pick an appropriate movie: There’s probably not a universally bad movie genre, since everyone has their own movie tastes, but different movies mean different things. Let’s just say there probably weren’t too many couples making out during 12 Years A Slave.

6. Talk, but don’t talk too much! Everyone knows you’re not supposed to talk at the movies. But, you are there with your crush! The girl you’ve been Facebook-stalking for the last month! Radio silence could be a bit unnerving. So go ahead: compare thoughts on the trailers (possible movie date #2!), laugh audibly during the funny parts and whisper the fact that you own the same shirt as the guy currently on screen to try and impress her.

7. Position yourself Odds are you’ll spend the first half of the movie casually inching closer to your crush in attempts to hold hands/snuggle/make-out/etc. He’ll leave his hand dangling casually off the shared armrest. She’ll rub her knee “accidentally” against his. If you notice your crush attempting any of these tactics, be receptive. Guys, sit up tall so your date can lean on your shoulder without getting a neck cramp. And ladies, no one minds if you exaggerate your “I’m so scared” and just have to get closer to your date so the monster on screen doesn’t get you.

8. Read the room: For you, this movie may have been whatever happened to be playing at 8pm, but for your date, this movie might be the next Oscar winner. So if your subtle attempts to make-out or share some film trivia are going unmet, give it a rest. Turn towards the screen and try to find out what has your crush so captivated.

9. Post-movie plans: Things (hopefully) went well during the movie and you find yourself walking out of the theatre with half a bag of Skittles and a clammy palm from too much hand-holding. Make some plans! You’ve now got an entire movie to discuss (which will open the floodgates for any other important conversation: favourite movies, bang-able actors, go-to snacks). So head over to that Starbucks and settle in for part 2 of your date.

10. Follow up: Yes, a movie date is a real date. And yes, that means you need to follow up with a post-date text/call/carrier pigeon/etc. Don’t leave your date hanging! Let them know you enjoyed sharing overpriced popcorn while watching Adam Sandler attempt to make a comeback and you can’t wait to do it again.

Happy Movie-Going! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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