8 Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend


1. She works in a cute nickname: Even a casual hook-up has been known to drop the off-hand “babe” (probably because she forgot your name) but a would-be girlfriend gets more creative. She’ll come up with something unique and maybe a tad embarrassing. Cuddle Cakes, is that you?

2. She makes future plans: If your girl is suggesting things for the two of you to do in a couple of weeks, or even a couple of months, it seems pretty obvious she’s got you in her long term plan. Has she mentioned a far off holiday or maybe even a wedding she needs a date for? All signs you’ve got a girlfriend in the making.

3. She “accidentally” leaves stuff at your place: Woke up next to a t-shirt you’re sure you don’t own only to find a strange toothbrush and foreign contact solution in your bathroom? Congratulations, your girl is moving in. Before you work yourself into a commitment-phobe panic, keep in mind that lugging all that stuff back and forth in a cute purse is no easy task. So even if you’re not at the girlfriend-phase, relax a little and share your shelves.

4. She (again) “accidentally” steals your stuff: Can’t find your favorite hoodie or new scarf? Odds are it’s wrapped safely around the body of your main squeeze. And good luck trying to get it back! Suck it up and realize that 1) it looks better on her anyway and 2) every time she wears it she thinks of you.

5. She doesn’t hate the idea of meeting your roommate, best friend, mom, etc.: No casual hook-up is looking to meet your friends and family. Hell, she probably doesn’t even want to know that much about you. But a potential-girlfriend is excited, and might even initiate, the first meet with your socially awkward roommate, alcohol-saturated best friend and overprotective mother.

6. She genuinely cares: A good girlfriend will ask about your day, help you out when she can and appreciate, if not participate, in your hobbies. So if you find your girl inquiring about work problems, doing your dishes and watching you beat your top score on (insert video game of your choice here), you’ve found yourself a keeper.

7. She remembers: She orders your take-out and doesn’t need to be reminded that your Pad Thai is no nuts, extra bean sprouts. She asks about your cousin by name, since you’ve mentioned him a few times. And she knows which TV shows require absolute silence and which ones allow for some light making out.

8. She straight up asks: “Do you want to be my boyfriend?” (or some variation of that) = pretty damn sure she wants to be your girlfriend. Congrats on landing such a sane and straight-forward woman. But for the shyer members of our sex, we might need you to meet us halfway. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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