14 Ways You’ll Know You Love Him Completely

An answer, or rather supplement, to Brianna Wiest’s article, 14 Ways You’ll Know They Don’t Love You Completely:

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1. It doesn’t matter what time it is but when he tells you he wants to see you, you’ll be at his doorstep in a heartbeat, no matter how you look like.

2. You’re willing to lose sleep just to talk to him. You’re willing to spend your precious time to talk to him.

3. In every relationship, there’s one party who always loves and gives more. It doesn’t matter if it’s you.

4. There’s no need for compromise, you conform. There’s no need to meet halfway, because you’ve already made the whole trip.

5. You drunk text him. You drunk call him. It doesn’t matter. It’s him you think about when you’re drunk.

6. You respect his freedom. If he wants to be alone, you’ll let him be. If he wants to explore his options, you’ll let him be. And you wait tirelessly on him.

7. You can’t stay mad at him for too long. And you can’t stand him being mad at you. You fold.

8. You go to places where he always goes, not to see him but to feel his presence. You’re happy with that.

9. You still want to be with him even if he has broken your heart into tiny little pieces.

10. You don’t care about his past. You accept it wholeheartedly.

11. You’re willing to give up and change your career if he wants you to, even if you’re more than halfway to making it.

12. You’re in for the long haul. You know there will be detours, road bumps, misread signs but you’ll still be holding on. You understand that one time or another, you’ll feel that you’re feelings are not as strong as it once was but you’ll strive to feel it again because there’s no one else you’d rather be with even through rough patches, and because love is a commitment, a promise.

13. You love him with all his idiosyncrasies, his weirdness,…, all his imperfections. Even if he takes a bath three times a day, even if he can’t play poker no matter how many times he’s been taught, even if he has OCD, even when he’s loves basketball more than you, and all those little irritating things that you’ve come to love.

14. When he tells you there’s no more chance of you two getting back together, you’ll still pray that he’ll change his mind. And you’ll keep saying the same prayer as the years pass by. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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