18 Women Discuss The One Astrological Sign They Just Won’t Date


1. “I hate Geminis and I don’t like Leos, it’s weird to ‘love the spotlight’ in my opinion. Capricorns are too cold. Scorpio is a panty dropper and I always know I will get along with Pisces, Aries and Libras.” Melissa, 29.

2. “I will never date a Virgo. They are the moodiest, most difficult, most brooding signs of the zodiac. Chill out with all your darkness, man. Aquarians are MY LOVES.
I am surrounded by Aquarians always.” – Kristen, 27. 

3. “I wish I didn’t have to say this but Aquarius. They’re always in their own world, which would be fine, except for the fact they never let you in. They are so cold and emotionally detached that for a Pisces it’s extremely hard to deal with. I love how affectionate Taurus and Cancers can be.” – Larissa, 26.

4. “My best relationship was with a Libra. We were best friends and had a very harmonious relationship for the most part. He was very romantic, loved helping me decorate our apartment. Even now, years after the break up, we still check in to see how each other is doing. I refuse to date Leos. They’re literally the worst.” – Becca, 31.

5. “Pisces men and women are always so warm and loving but you have to be careful because they can be incredibly manipulative as well. Astrology tries to make Pisces seem like the darling of the zodiac but they have a dark side too.” – Natalia, 25.

6. “I’m completely over Leos. They are so argumentative. I thought it was just the one I went on a few dates with a couple years ago but nope, briefly dated a couple of other Leos and they had the same type of personality. Always felt like I had to defend myself over the most miniscule things. Either that or they were constantly trying to be negative and say the opposite of the point I was trying to make. Arguing isn’t fun, not sure why they always act that way. Libras and Pisces are the best hands down.” Berrie, 30.

7. “Sagittarius is great in bed, very passionate, but they suck at relationships. I stay away from them now even though the chemistry is always so strong. My best relationship was with a Capricorn.  – Lexi, 31.

8. “Pisces men! What is it with these guys? On one hand they can be so romantic. On the other hand they are really hard to pin down and keep their emotions under wraps. Which is weird because I thought I heard Pisces were overly emotional? I’ve had fun with Cancer and Virgo.” Melissa, 23.

9. “Tauruses. Ugh. They make the worst boyfriends. Cancers always feel very independent/outdoorsy/rough around the edges to me in a good way.” – Sophie, 25.

10. “The only people I’m ever told I should date are Scorpios and like, fine, I will sleep with a Scorpio because we know what to do but I refuse to date one. I know how jealous and possessive I get. I don’t need that x2.” – Heidi, 24.

11. “Cancer and Pisces is supposed to be the dream match of astrology but every Cancer guy I’ve met has been whiny and too needy for me. While I enjoy how sweet and romantic they can be I also need my own space to do my own thing.” – Emily, 28.

12. “Sagittarians are weird but I think that may have more to do with getting your birthday usurped by Christmas. The thing I love about Aquarians if that there is a love of people… Aquarians are genuinely interested in human beings and always have this ragtag group of friends.” – Lauren, 24.

13. “Capricorns can be really cold at times, very vindictive.. Libras always have great taste. They know all the latest music, movies, and books and will take you to the best restaurants. The only thing about the one Libra I dated is he was very much into wanting to be a show off but not sure if that’s a Libra trait.” – Kelly, 29.

14. “Scorpios are very sexy but hard to date. Aries are too much work. I find I have the best chemistry with Taurus because of how down to earth they can be. They always have a large social network and they’re always out doing very active things.” – Christina, 25.

15. “As an Aries, we famously do not get along with Taurus, no matter if it’s a girl or a boy. I try not to take astrological things so seriously, but they’ve proven me wrong time and time again when I’ve tried to date a Taurus and it has fallen completely to shit. In my experience, Taurus men are impossibly defensive assholes. The Aries/Taurus match has almost always ended for me because he’s stubborn, hard-headed, and just a straight up dick.” – Kallie, 27. 

16. “Aquarius is always on their phone. It’s so annoying. Geminis are very intriguing but they also like to play games so I don’t bother with them anymore.” – Michelle, 24.

17. “I have a really hard time connecting with Leos, Aquarius, and Virgos. Something about those three signs are difficult to get to know for different reasons. Leos always want to argue, Aquarius is emotionally detached, and Virgos are moody fuckers.” Emily, 32.

18. “Say no to Virgos. Seriously. They will ruin your life. I think the reason I’m attracted to Pisces the most is because of how interesting they are. They seem like old souls to me. They can be quiet but once you get the chance to talk to them one on one they have so much to say. I’ve never dated one though, as they also seem kind of flaky.” – Magena, 27.

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