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A Strong Woman Knows She Deserves These 10 Things From A Relationship

Some things are just not to be compromised.

1. To be respected, above all else

There’s a saying, “Men need respect. Women need love.”

However, if a man doesn’t respect a woman first, he can’t truly love her.

Her opinions, choices, interests, body, and mind are all to be honored.

Strong women know they shouldn’t have to explain why they need respect from a man.

They simply just won’t associate with those men who don’t give it to them.

2. Someone who understands true intimacy

True intimacy is more than just physical.

It is the joining of two naked souls, connecting and sharing their lives freely and openly.

It is the feeling of closeness and letting them see you for all that you really are.

3. Regard for her independence, her freedom to be

A strong woman needs to have a life outside of the relationship.

Her man isn’t going to be the center of her universe and she won’t be kept on a short leash.

The man she chooses will need to honor the space she requires.

4. Someone who lets her be herself

A high-value woman needs a man who will respect that she exists on her own terms.

She won’t tolerate anyone who will try to change her.

If he doesn’t like the way she is, she’ll let him know he should stay out of her way.

5. Consistent and effective communication

She doesn’t want a man who avoids talking about an issue for whatever reason.

She requires someone who understands the importance of listening and communicating as it fosters mutual understanding as well as increases emotional intimacy.

6. An unshakable foundation of trust

Strong women make strong choices.

Her man will need to be confident that she knows what she’s doing and can handle her life just fine on her own.

She is responsible, faithful, honest, and she won’t be with anyone who doesn’t trust her.

7. A true, equal partnership

A woman wants someone who prefers to be an equal partner, where both empower each other and they work as teammates, not opponents.

She doesn’t want anyone who won’t pull their own weight, nor will she like the one who is overbearing.

The thoughts and opinions should be considered on both of their behalfs and they come to mutually agreed decisions.

8. Someone who loves with a mad, feverish passion

A strong woman doesn’t just want sex, she wants to be desired with a burning passion that matches her own.

Without passion in a relationship, there is no energy, and without energy, you have nothing.

9. Total effort, always

She wants a man who will come to her, who texts her first, who makes time, and makes plans.

A man who strives and ventures for the woman he wants is extremely attractive – not just in the beginning, but continuously and enthusiastically, throughout the relationship.

She needs someone who will prove himself with actions, not just words – who will do everything in his power not to lose her.

A valuable woman doesn’t settle for half-ass men.

10. Unquestionable loyalty

She deserves a man she doesn’t have to question – one who is committed to her.

A good, loyal man is one of the greatest things a woman can have in her life, as he is worth more than a million other men. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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