This Is Me Admitting I (Kind Of) Love You
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This Is Me Admitting I (Kind Of) Love You

I, too often, think of what your smile would feel like against my lips and I’m starting to think this might be love.

I’ve never been in love before, but I imagine that this fluttering in my stomach and my need to constantly know what’s on your mind is part of it.

I also feel like everything is getting complicated and I’m pretty sure the only thing I know of love is that. That love is hard and tough and even knowing that, I still want to know what it feels like to be wrapped in your arms.

This is me admitting that I think I’m ready to fall even though I’m not exactly sure what that entails.

Even though I feel like I should be scared, I seem more curious about what love really means and what loving you will be like or if you will love me back at all.

I’m sure I will cry and laugh and scream in the process, but I know loving you will be worth it because, thinking back, you’ve been the thing in my life that makes me most happy. The only difference now is that my heart is more involved in the thought of you.

I think the reason you’ve always meant so much to me as a friend is because I always kind of loved you. I always wanted to see you smile and I wanted to be a part of what made you happy.

I think, now, is when I’m able to start admitting that to myself. I’m able to admit that I want to know what your morning hair looks like and what it would feel like to be yours.

I think I’m starting to fall for you and I’m enjoying the feeling. It’s the same feeling I get when you laugh at my jokes and the feeling I get when you tell me how good of a friend I am, but 300 times accelerated. I’m loving every second of it. TC mark

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