What Does ‘Humanity’ Mean To You?

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Every once in a while I conduct live broadcasts on Periscope. And recently I also released my book for free online. So some interesting questions have been coming my way. Recently a viewer whose name I unfortunately do not know asked me about the concept of humanity and the purpose of life.

For a moment I was speechless at the first question. While both are loaded topics, I was stuck on just how much the concept of humanity means to me. So I quickly answered the second question and said “love is the purpose of life,” and then proceeded to elaborate as best as I could about humanity. But what I felt was a feeling, not a word. And what I saw was an image: Nelson Mandela.

I began to explain my conception of humanity starting from the basic fact that I believe we are all entitled to human rights by the very consequence of being human. I believe these rights to be inalienable and ever-present. From that base, I went on to describe humanity as best as I could in the moment. And now I am reflecting on that answer and think I need to elaborate a bit more.

We all have beliefs. Some that we would die for, some that we take for granted, and some that are based on what our hearts and minds dictate to us is real. What is real? Well, I guess that depends on what you believe.

But beliefs have torn societies apart, beliefs tear families apart, friendships, relationships, etc., and the list goes on. What do you do when your belief system is the reason for your downfall?

I ask you this question, but what I am really asking you to do is envision the question. Do you see an image? Experience a feeling? Feel an emotion?

I am thinking of these things at a multi-level, so however you reacted to that question, hold onto it, and come back to that thought once you get to the end of this piece.

Humanity is the right to experience your own reality, live out your destiny, and do it in the most harmonious, and peaceful environment possible.

Humanity is feeding a homeless man who hasn’t eaten in over 36 hours with food that can sustain him until he can find his next meal.

Humanity is treating your enemy with the respect he or she is due as a consequence of existing in this world, and having enough respect for God to honor his place in the universe.

Humanity is love.

I am humanity.

You are humanity.

You are human, you are reading this, so therefore you are humanity. If you choose to be.

It’s a choice really. Do you wish to help your fellow humans, or do you wish to tear them apart? Do you wish to uplift women from gender inequality, or do you not? Do you wish to empower children and have them be more integrated in society, or do you not? These choices are yours, and they are within your power as a human being to make.

But let’s refocus for just a second, what then, does it mean to be human? Does it mean only serving our own species, or do you extend that same humanitarian nature to animals or the environment Who are you in this conversation? Are you humanity, or are you not?

How do you define humanity? And what does it mean to you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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