I Miss The Electricity Before A First Kiss


a moment
like a hum
like the first note of a saxophone
like my god, is
it ever going to happen
or is this like
putting a tongue on
a frozen pole
and getting stuck
like what if my mouth
never gets to know
his and how do I explain
a tragedy like that
like a tiny shock
that you can feel
run up your spine
and work its way
like a tendril
twisting up
through the brain
like oh shit
what if my breath
isn’t okay
like oh my god
I think there was garlic
in the last thing I ate
like all this air
but I still can’t breathe
I am spinning
I am spinning
above and below
like I think magicians
are creepy
but there’s magnetism here
like can’t deny
this pull
this nauseating gravity
like I don’t know
where to put my hands
but I want to suck
on his fingertips
like everything
was for this
was to be
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