Here’s What A Strong Woman Looks Like

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She’s on every street corner, sitting in every coffee shop you pass.

But here’s the thing, you won’t always recognize her.

Because she’s a chameleon, able to blend among the masses. Her voice isn’t always loud. Sometimes it’s soft and gentle. Other times it’s bold and defiant. There is no one way to expect her. She’s always changing, appearing in different forms. Strength looks different in everyone.

But the simple act of being a woman in this world teaches you strength. It makes warriors out of our girls. With every double standard, we watch a powerhouse emerge. With every sexist remark, we see a Phoenix rise from the ashes.

See, a strong woman has continued living in a world that, at times, does everything in its power to convince her she doesn’t matter. A world that spits venom towards her, calls her names, and tries to douse her in vitriol. A world preoccupied with her sexuality, or what she chooses to do with her body.

There are mornings she wakes and wonders, “What’s the point?” Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. But she gets up. And she keeps getting up. She puts on a dress or pants or leggings because screw anyone who says you can’t wear leggings on their own.

A strong woman cries. A strong woman protects her emotions. A strong woman falls in love quickly. A strong woman puts up walls and takes her time letting people in.

She cuts off all her hair. She wears it cascading down her back. She goes make-up free. She has an entire drawer of lipsticks.

A strong woman will never fit perfectly into your idea of strength, or even womanhood.

She’s human, full of faults and weaknesses. She messes up. She trips and gets embarrassed when her face collides with concrete.

But through it all, she’s got a fierceness that never goes out. She’s a warrior, a survivor, full of light and darkness. What an amazing gift, to know these women. To be alive among them.

Being a woman is being the very embodiment of strength. So here’s to them, our women, who do not need our saving. Trust, they’ve saved themselves plenty already. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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