Reminder: You’re Too Brilliant For His Bullshit

Lissy Elle
Lissy Elle

So, here you are, questioning your worth because a boy disguised as a man told you to. Here you are, searching for your own flaws instead of recognizing his. My Darling, you are not a reflection of what he lacks. Even if that’s how it feels.

This boy with all his bullshit will try to convince you your roses aren’t sweet enough. And yet, somehow, his bullshit will be okay to smell. He will allow his bullshit to fill the entire room.

This boy with his inconsistency was never a thing you needed. He was just filler. He was a reminder that when love comes, it won’t ask this of you. When love comes, it won’t request that you change.

When love comes, it will be gentle. It will not berate you. It will not beat you down.

It will grow and grow, and grow with you.

You Goddess, you. You Queenly being. How could he not see that? How could he not know you’ve got a warrior in your blood?

If he is afraid of your power, do not shrink yourself smaller to fit into his space. Do not stitch your lips shut. Do not swallow your own words to appease his insecurity.

If he is afraid of your strength, do not let your muscles atrophy.

Do not ask him what you can do to be weaker. If you soften your voice, will it make him stay? Can you shape-shift into something that doesn’t threaten his masculinity?

If he cannot handle you as the powerhouse you are, you need to let him go. Shed your skin cells and forget his touch. He never deserved your fingers anyway.

Don’t you see? You were born a revolution. Not all men were made to join you in your brilliance. Not all men can handle fire. Some men will run, too afraid of the flames.

It is not your responsibility to turn a coward into a champion.

So go ahead. Burn, Baby, burn. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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