10 Signs You’re Actually Kicking Ass At Life Right Now (And You Didn’t Even Know It)


1. You do things that make you nervous.

Being nervous gets a bad reputation. Some blurry image of Zooey Deschanel running around, frazzled, blowing at her bangs, “ERGH!” But in reality, nerves are actually an indication that you care about something. Getting nervous before a presentation at work or a first date doesn’t mean you’re a wreck. It means you’re invested. It means you care about the outcome.

2. You’ve had a terrible break up.

Hear me out, I know what you’re thinking. Ari, how could having my still beating heart ripped out of my body possibly mean I’m kicking ass at life??? You loved, and you lost. And there’s huge growth potential from that kind of situation. Not to mention, if the break up was brutal, that wasn’t the person you’re meant to end up with. Isn’t that pretty kick ass? You’re now free to meet the right one this time.

3. You have your own Netflix account.

Nope, not your family’s joint one. Not the ex you split with five months ago. You, my Brave Little Toaster, have your very own. Is this a stupid thing to celebrate? Maybe. But WHATEVER, you’re independent and able to stream hundreds of movies. Good for you.

4. You have a favorite coffee shop to hang at.

Why does this mean you’re kicking ass at life? BECAUSE YOU CAN COMMIT!

5. You’ve been to therapy or counseling.

I’m a huge supporter of talk therapy. I think every single person can benefit from it, and if you are able to seek it out (if expenses/insurance aren’t a concern), I highly suggest you do. By admitting there are things you need help with, you’re allowing yourself the opportunity to become the best version of yourself. I think people who go to therapy are the strongest. And kicking major booty at life because they aren’t afraid to be honest with themselves.

6. You don’t deprive yourself of the things that bring you joy.

As important as it is to practice moderation, it’s just as important to treat yo self. Maybe it’s carving out time to go to the bar with your best friends. Maybe it’s putting aside money to travel when possible. Maybe you just love pizza. You do the things that make your heart feel full and content.

7. You experience doubt and question yourself/what you’re doing.

Everyone has doubts. Everyone freaks out about where they are in life. But that’s a good thing. You’re open to change and growth. By stepping aside and asking yourself, “Do I even want this?” you’re giving yourself the chance to gain a new perspective on yourself. There’s a quiet power in self-awareness.

8. You’re passionate about something.

This does not need to be your career. I repeat: this does not need to be your career. I think we get trapped in this “follow your dream” mentality. Sure, if you can. Go for it. But dreams often evolve and morph. Your job doesn’t have to be your passion. That doesn’t mean you can’t like it. But it’s totally okay to not be paid for your passion.

9. You’ve cried recently.

You’re able to honor your emotions. Do you know how many people struggle with this? More than you’d think. Emotional releases are healthy. You cried, you let it out, and now you’re ready to keep going. You’re not bottling things up to later explode all over the place. That’s a good thing.

10. Your friends often seek you out for advice.

Not that you’re an expert at giving advice – or that what you say is even good. But it means you’re someone people can count on and look up to. You have a safe and comforting aura that people feel they can call upon. If that isn’t kickass, I’m not sure what is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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