10 Heart-Punching Stages Of Realizing You’re Actually In Love With Your Friend



1. The dream.

Your subconscious is a tricky lil’ dude who wants to completely turn your world upside down. One day, you were just strolling along, not worried about much. And the next, you’re waking up blushing and giddy because that friend you totally don’t have a crush on held your hand and took you on a date. What the hell?! But hey, it was just a dream…

2. Replaying the dream for the rest of the day.

…just a dream. Just a super awesome, romantic, wonderful dream that you can’t stop thinking about. You might be hoping for part two when you go to sleep that night. But like, whatever. JUST A DREAM.

3. Total denial.

No, you’re absolutely NOT in love with them. That fluttery feeling you get when they look your way is probably just acid reflux. And sure, you find yourself imagining their perfect face whenever you zone off, but I mean, that’s suuuuper normal. Everyone thinks about kissing their friends. Kissing is FRIENDLY.

4. Seeing them in person and getting weirdly nervous for no reason.

This is your friend. You’ve hung out hundreds of times. Why is this weird? Why are you so nervous? Why does your heart feel like it’s going to literally break out of your chest and do a choreographed dance in front of them? WHAT IS THIS?!?

5. Your friend noticing you’re a little off.

Maybe it’s because you keep laughing at things that aren’t even funny. Or that you’ve been purposefully avoiding eye contact. But your friend notices something is up and asks, “Are you okay today?” And you’re like, “YEAH, YEAH, WHY DO I SEEM WEIRD TODAY?” 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

6. Feeling terrible when you see them with someone else.

Who is that? Why are they flirting with your friend? Not that it matters. But seriously, who is that?

7. Super social media sleuthing.

You decide to lurk on their photos for clues and find yourself all gooey-inside whenever you see them smile. Ugh.

8. Admitting this new development to a mutual friend.

After mustering up some courage, you decide to let one of your mutual pals know about this newfound feeling developing in the pit of your stomach. And to your surprise, they…aren’t surprised. “Uh yeah, I know. You’re obviously into them.”

9. Rethinking every interaction you’ve ever had.

Have you always felt this way? Have you secretly been in love this entire time? Sure, you got jealous whenever your friend started dating someone or mentioned someone was attractive. And yeah, you look forward to seeing them more than anyone else. They’re basically your favorite human being. Oh my –

10. The realization.

OH MY GOD. YOU’VE BEEN IN LOVE WITH THEM FOREVER. Soooo, what do you do now? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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