25 People Share The Best Piece Of Advice They’ve Ever Received



“You’re not always going to like yourself, that’s a fact. But you damn sure better love yourself.”

— Dan, 27


“It’s a waste of time to fear being single or dying alone. Even if you’ve got someone in bed next to you, you’ve got to learn how to be okay with a certain kind of solitude. Nobody else lives inside your brain. You are always somewhat alone. Learn to embrace it for the gift it is.”

— Monica, 25


“Always have an extra pair of underwear.”

— Trey, 24


“Fuck anyone who hates on you for being excited about life.”

— Anna, 20


“Negativity is like a cancer. It starts slowly and can sometimes go undetected. Don’t ignore it. Take steps to remove it at first notice.”

— Pamela, 23


“People who make fun of pop music are just widely insecure.”

— Tanya, 21


“You shouldn’t have to tell someone how to love you.”

— Ariana, 20


“Falling in love makes even the smartest person an idiot. But that’s the beauty in it. Don’t be afraid to release control. Be a little dumb. Why not?”

— Kristi, 18


“Don’t expect a dude to have condoms. Bring your own. It’s 2015, get over the lame idea that this is somehow slutty or embarrassing. Be prepared.”

— Lauren, 24


“Reacting to something out of anger or a need for revenge will only hurt you down the road. Take a second. Go for a walk. Cry it out. But don’t do something you will later regret when emotions aren’t as intense.”

— Kate, 28


“Crying isn’t weakness. Crying is release.”

— Ryan, 24


“You won’t ever love the same way twice, so you shouldn’t expect to. It’s a bit like ordering pizza from different restaurants — both slices of pizza, but still going to taste a little different. That doesn’t invalidate how good they might be, individually. But they still aren’t the same.”

— Brie, 21


“At the end of your life, will you really give a shit about whether or not you were cool?”

— John, 23


“If you use too much tongue when kissing, you’re a disgusting monster who should retire from making-out.”

— Ken, 20


“Don’t kill them with kindness. Don’t aim to kill anyone.”

— Samuel, 27


“Don’t say ‘I’m fine’ if you’re not fine. Just be fucking honest. We’re not idiots — we know when someone isn’t really fine.

— Yas, 19


“No one has the right to decide who you are, what you need, or how you should get to your destination. You’ve got free will, so use it.”

— Nell, 25


“If he only gives a shit about you some of the time, that’s not enough. Remember you’re a priority, not a second thought.”

— Emily, 23


“If you love someone, tell them. Without fear or reserve, tell them. Don’t waste another second contemplating the outcome. Just do it.”

— Jeffrey, 27


“Never shop at Victoria’s Secret. Do you really need your bra to fucking sparkle for $60? Gimme a break. Slap some fabric on those bad boys from Walmart, you’re fine.”

— Deb, 24


“Sure, someone out there will always be prettier, smarter, funnier, a harder-worker, etc. And it’s so easy to drown ourselves in comparisons. But at the end of the day, none of that matters. Because you’re not in competition with anyone. You only have to prove yourself to one person: you.”

— Gwen, 27


“Do not read old messages from people after drinking wine. On second thought, don’t read old messages EVER.”

— Georgie, 25


“Actually, you can have your cake and eat it too.”

— Christie, 23


“If you spend your life romanticizing the past, you miss the opportunity to fall in love with your present.”

— Kay, 28


“You cannot love someone hard enough that they start loving themselves back. That’s just not how it works. You cannot save someone who refuses to accept help. You’ll just destroy yourself in the process.”

— Jared, 25 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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