12 Signs You Should Just Go Marry Your BFF Already

Broad City
Broad City

1. They saw you throw up that one horribly drunk Halloween and didn’t just hold your hair back, but also brought you water, a little something to eat, and an Advil in preparation for the hellacious morning you were undoubtedly going to face. If that isn’t spouse material, then I don’t know what is.

2. On those days when everyone in the world seems annoying and horrible and you just HATE EVERYTHING, you not only still tolerate your BFF, but you even like them. They are the glimmering sliver of light in a torrential downpour of cloudy, dark MISERY. (No pressure ya’ll)

3. They respect the things that are important to you, even if they don’t quite understand them. “Oh, you need to collect every and anything that has a shark on it? Cool, do your thing, girl.”

4. They keep you accountable. The best relationships are those that encourage you to grow, to be more honest, and overall, just be a better person. Your best friend loves you, but doesn’t let you get away with bullshit. They let you know when you’re being kind of intolerable, selfish, etc. and you know what? You’re grateful for it.

5. Nothing is too embarrassing or disgusting to share with each other. Seriously. NOTHING. A pretty typical text exchange goes as follows:

“Wanna hear something gross?”

6. You hate what they hate, just out of a somewhat irrational act of support.

7. You’re both comfortable with doing absolutely nothing together. Sometimes, it’s just nice to be with someone. And finding someone where awkward silences aren’t actually awkward? A rarity. And someone you should hold onto.

8. You’ve laughed so hard together that you wake up the next day with sore abdominal muscles. Soooo, really your relationship just saves you money on a gym membership.

9. Dating is exhausting. Like, don’t get me wrong, it can be so exciting and wonderful. But at the end of the day, you really just want someone you can be with who knows you 100%, and loves you in spite of it. Your BFF is already that person, so just skip the excruciating “finding the one” part and make it official.

10. It’s already pretty normal to share a bed.

11. You’ll get them a little something for absolutely no reason other than it made you think of them. If that isn’t the cutest goddamn thing, what is?!? HUH??

12. You’re willing to stick things out until the end. You’ve seen each other at the worst. You’ve seen the ugly parts, the fights that would break some couples, and everything in between. And those times only solidify how important your relationship is. You choose to work things out, and isn’t that what you want in a marriage? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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