30 Men On The Moment They Realized They Were In Love

30 Men On The Moment They Realized They Were In Love

1. “I knew I was in love with her the first time I got really massively sick and she just took care of me without any concern of catching what I had. When you see your girlfriend picking up your nasty tissues, and just genuinely wanting to make you feel better, it’s a pretty special moment of realizing what you have.” – Sean, 25

2. “I got into my first huge fight with my girlfriend, and I was expecting to sleep on the couch, and she just says, ‘What are you doing? You’re not gonna deny me angry sex!’ And I just knew, I loved her.” – Dustin, 23

3. “She put the football game on for me, and then went outside and worked on repairing an old, vintage car we were fixing up. I thought, damn, this is the woman I’m going to marry.” – Mark, 28

4. “When I brought her home to meet my family and saw how she interacted with everyone. I saw how well she could fit with the people I loved, and it was game over for me. She was/is the one.” – David, 27

5. “I wouldn’t readily admit this, but the first time we had sex, I honestly fell in love. It was the first time I wasn’t just fucking someone.” – Travis, 22

6. “We’ve never actually said I love you, we prefer, ‘I like you a whole lot.’ But the first time she said it like that, I realized I was in love with her.” – Ryan, 22

7. “Honestly, the first time she gave me head. Like, I don’t know what the fuck she does, but I’m grateful.” – Brian, 24

8. “We had been friends for nearly four years, and while I’d always been attracted to her, it wasn’t until one night when we were both back in our hometown hanging out that I felt like it was something more. Her dad had passed away only 6 months before, and we were talking about our views on afterlife, grief, how to move forward without just simply numbing the situation. She started to cry, and instead of feeling uncomfortable or freaked out, I just had the strongest impulse to protect her and do whatever I could to take care of her always. Opening up like that bonded us for life, and we’ve been together 5 years now.” – Sam, 26

9. “I had this horrible nightmare that she had been killed, and when I woke up and turned to see her next to me, it was this euphoric feeling that I had no words for other than love.” – Ben, 23

10. “I know it sounds kind of like a Drake song, but when I saw her without any make up, just hanging out in my baggy T-shirt, I was head over heels.” – James, 21

11. “When I heard her just hysterically laugh for the first time, it did something to me. I wanted to hear that laugh forever.” – Michael, 25

12. “We were having the dumbest argument about Kim Kardashian, and she got so flustered and mad that I wasn’t agreeing that she just threw her hands up in the air and said, ‘GOOD THING I LIKE YOU!’ And it was the cutest, funniest moment and I just loved her instantly.” – Dave, 24

13. “I had briefly mentioned once a band that I was into, and she remembered, and called me months and months later that they were going to play in our city and if I wanted to go. It was so considerate, and I just felt really happy to be with her.” – Patrick, 22

14. “We were at a club together and Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda started playing, and she started doing the goofiest dance routine I’ve ever seen a human being do, and the whole room was cheering and laughing with her. I loved seeing her so comfortable with herself and how much she could light up a room. It might sound lame, but it was a huge moment for me.” – Trey, 25

15. “It was wintertime and we were shoveling snow out of the driveway, when slipped on a little patch of ice and fell flat on her butt. She was okay, but she just started laughing so, so hard and I wanted to hug and kiss her all over.” – Javon, 23

16. “We did karaoke of Taylor Swift at a friend’s birthday party together, and I just knew I wanted to have fun with this girl for the rest of my life.” – Matt, 26

17. “When she’s really concentrating on something, she does this funny little wrinkling her nose thing, and I couldn’t stop myself from being smitten when I saw her do it.” – Trevor, 20

18. “I was studying for the bar exam and at my boiling point for stress and exhaustion. I was barely even eating, I was lifeless. One day unannounced, she came by, dropped off take-out from my favorite Indian restaurant, kissed my cheek, and left. I was in love.” – Tom, 29

19. “My mom was pretty sick in the hospital, and she was with me every single day. A lot of the time, she’d be in the waiting room for hours on end, while I was in the room with my mom. She was so there for me, in every possible way, and I realized I want to spend the rest of my life doing the same.” – Jeff, 27

20. “I was actually in a really unhealthy off-again, on-again relationship with my ex, and my current girlfriend was just a good friend. I knew things weren’t going to work with my ex, but I was in such a cycle and didn’t know how to really break free. My now girlfriend was so fed up with me that she slapped me. I know that sounds horrible, but I was being a dumb asshole and refusing to listen to any of the valid points she was making. She felt so bad, and immediately apologized. But it was this weird moment where I saw how much she cared about me and I realized I was running back and forth to my ex because I was terrified of how much I felt for my now girlfriend. Flash forward a few months, and we both admitted feelings and are now very happy together.” – Mason, 24

21. “I told the dumbest joke, and she laughed when no one else did. I later asked her if she thought it was funny or if she was just saving my ass from embarrassment. And she said super genuinely, ‘I like your sense of humor.’ It was so real, and just made me feel like she understood me.” – Jack, 23

22. “I was over at her place for the first time and noticed she had a Raiders jersey hanging up as a decoration, and I thought, yep. She’s it.” – Dan, 25

23. “I was talking to my boss about time off for a vacation, and without even realizing I used the term ‘we.’ It had always been ‘me.’ This is what I need. This is what I want. But now I was talking about a vacation we were talking. I had never just casually used the word we.” – Frank, 32

24. “She told me to stop being a dickhead, and I said only if she stopped being a bitch. And then we laughed, and kissed.” – Jeremy, 24

25. “She hates sports, but she went with me to a baseball game and would cheer at the wrong times, and really didn’t get what was happening half the time, but just seeing her sitting next to me supporting this thing I love was the best.” – Adam, 24

26. “We had been dating for 8 months, and my girlfriend had this idea for us to go rock climbing. I’m not the most athletic guy, but it sounded like a fun experience for us. We got there, and I had this embarrassingly severe panic attack and just could not will myself to go. And instead of being disappointed, she just said, ‘Good, I’d rather go home and have sex anyways.’ And we did.” – Josh, 24

27. “We fell asleep watching a marathon of Ancient Aliens and I woke up first and just looked at her in my arms and truly thought this will forever beat Vegas.” – Jon, 27

28. “I loved her the first time I kissed her. There is no explanation. There is nothing I can logically figure out. It was just instant, and only got stronger.” – Brody, 26

29. “I got into her car and it was such a goddamn mess, I thought, great. She’s never going to judge me.” – Chuck, 20

30. My girlfriend and I were talking about goals and our ultimate dreams. I had the cookie cutter one I told most people, but she just looked at me and said, ‘No, seriously. What’s the real dream? The thing that keeps you up at night?’ And I shared with her all these things I had wanted for so long, but thought sounded ridiculous to say out loud. She just listened and said, ‘Let’s make it happen.’ Just like that.” – Chris, 22 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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