15 Signs You’re The Mom Of Your Friend Group

Sex And The City
Sex And The City

1. You always run to comfort that one crying girl at the party, no matter if you know her or not. There’s something inside you that just needs to tend to and care for others, and this is heightened if someone is in visible distress.

2. Before any outdoor adventures, you’re always the one who asks, “Did you put on sunscreen? What SPF are you wearing?”

3. You ask, “How are you?” not out of formality, but because you genuinely want to know HOW that person is doing. Are you well? You need anything? Do you want to talk about life or your childhood? I’m here for you. Come tell Mama all about it (creepy?).

4. You remember birthdays. All of them. Even the ones that you have really no business remembering. Oh, that random dude in your Econ class? April 19th. #neverforget

5. You do the soccer mom save to anyone in the passenger seat if you come to an abrupt stop. This is just some instinct deep within you, and you couldn’t stop it even if you tried. You’ve actually put your arm out to your own purse.

6. You’re always the one who makes the emotional speeches. Someone got a job? Engaged? Put together a really cute outfit? You have some sentimental words to share, and will likely get choked up as you try to spit them out. Sometimes, people wish you could just let things go, but deep down, they love it and would miss your ooey-gooey affection.

7. You try to make sure everyone is replenishing their bodies with water following multiple Vodka shots. You try to make it casual, like, “Oh hey, want me to grab you some water? I’m gonna get myself some water too…so, no problem, I can get you a glass!” But you’re absolutely keeping a watchful eye to make sure they are staying somewhat hydrated.

8. You’re also the one making sure nobody does anything stupid. You don’t care about being the “bad guy.” You will collect car keys and stop someone from doing something that could endanger themselves, or others.

9. You’ve been called a buzzkill every now and then, and it kind of stings.

10. But ultimately, you know that people appreciate how much you look out for everybody. Though folks aren’t as quick to admit it, we need our Moms.

11. You’re the one people go to after a shitty breakup. You know the right things to say and do. You give the best hugs. You’ll drink a glass of wine and eat straight out of the ice-cream carton with them. You’re completely comfortable with someone crying on your shoulder. You’re the mom everyone needs without being too critical or judgmental.

12. Real parents love you. You’re never that nervous about meeting the parental units of your significant other, because you’re basically a parent yourself. How could they not like you?

13. You always have snacks. Always.

14. And hand sanitizer. You’re prepared for basically anything gross.

15. You’re very trusting. This can sometimes backfire, and you’ve been burned as a result. You believe in the good first, and attempt to give second chances even when they don’t seem earned. You give your whole heart in situations, and that’s one of your absolute best qualities. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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