My Mom Saw Me Naked, And I Think She Wants It…

Producer’s note: excerpted from Reddit user thisismyincestthrow, who is over 18.

It’s just my mom and I at home.

We live in a small apartment (one bedroom), so I see a lot of her, and we’re not a super private family. It’s just seeing her in her bra and panties every so often, and sometimes she’ll take off her bra in front of me (turning away from me, don’t get too excited). There were a few incidents when I was first discovering how to jerk off and everything where I’d sort of peek at her changing. During that time I only ever saw her tits, and it was less a “my mom is hot” thing than a “ooh, boobs” thing. Long story short, she caught me looking and I stopped.

But her tits, holy shit. Again, I wasn’t thinking about her like that then, but I recognized amazing tits when I saw them, and these were great. About as big as they could be without getting gross and too droopy, and good shape and everything. Anyway.

The recent event: Yesterday, she told me in the morning that she was going out for the whole day until 5:00ish or so, and being a teenager on summer break I figured alright, great chance to jerk off. So pretty much the second she’s out the door, I kick out on the sofa (the sofa’s facing the door) with my laptop, get naked and bring up a porn video I love (it’s the one with Zoey Holloway with her son going away to college).

I’m really hard, I have vaseline and everything, really into it when I hear the door slam shut, and I look up and my mom’s standing right fucking there, staring at my vaseline covered dick with my hand around it. And the worst part–I’d set my laptop away from me so I didn’t have time to turn off the sound before my Mom had heard Zoey Holloway say “Cum for mommy” (and the sound was very, very high, there was no way she didn’t hear it).

But here’s the weird part: Mom didn’t freak out, she didn’t run out the door or anything, she just sort of stood there looking at me with her mouth a little open.

But I instinctually freak, yelling like “Mom, what the fuck, look away”, all of that, and after like a minute she replies with “Sorry, I had to get my debit card” really casually.

Alright, still – pretty normal story albeit with a weird addition. But after this, I don’t know, it feels like something changed. She came home and I thought there’d be no mention of it, but the first thing she asked was, “Have a good time while I was out?” with a little grin and then hugged me a little.

That’s not too weird but for us, we barely ever hug or kiss or anything, so I felt like it had some more meaning.

And later, she took a shower and came into the living room to talk to me in just a bathrobe and a towel on her head. Like I said, seeing each other partially naked isn’t that weird, but usually it’s a fast thing. Here she sat with me for a long time on the sofa and had a conversation about the coming school year in just the bathrobe, and I have to admit, I got kind of hard from the conversation. She sort of leaned forward, and I had to move to hide the fact that I was hard. But when we were done, she just got up and walked inside.

And an addendum: since this happened, I’ve been fantasizing about her more, too. I masturbated again after the bathrobe incident, and though I wasn’t interested in doing anything with her before now, I gotta say, she was the only person on my mind that time.Thoughts? How should I proceed? Does she want something from me or should I maintain the status quo? Help!

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