These Charming Videos Will Put A Smile On Your Face & Remind You To Find Joy In Everyday Life

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What brings you the most pleasure? Does it always have a place in your everyday life?

Earlier this year, Magnum Ice Cream teamed up with i-D Magazine and director Xavier Dolan to host the short film competition “Be True To Your Pleasure.” In these three winning films, indie filmmakers Kara Smith, Andrew Cumming, and Patrick Downing capture the themes of pleasure, passion, and the joy of letting go. They’re well worth a few minutes of your day, and may even inspire you to let some more fun back into your life.

The first one is a charming, simple scene that proves you can find pleasure in the little things, no matter what your age. It’s a great reminder that “pleasure is ageless” and that there’s no reason we should lose our sense of wonder just because we’ve grown older.

The second has a message that all of us can relate to: “pleasure is letting go.” In other words, don’t let stress & struggle take the joy out of your work. In the video, a tireless dance student learns that no matter how long she works, letting go unleashes something that endless hours of practice can’t.

Finally, this romantic tale of a fisherman & a commodore caught in a love triangle centers around an age-old truth: “pleasure is following your heart.” The end is a surprising and moving climax in which not all parties may make it out alive. But what is life without something you’re passionate enough about to risk your life for?

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