The Words We Never Tell The Ones We Love

Ryan Holloway

We all have that one person in our lives, who we wish we could say something to. You want to tell that person all the things you held back, never got a chance to say and were afraid to say.

Some of the things you want to tell them are life changing. They could change the way they think of you or your relationship status or may break the relationship you have with them already.

Sometimes you lay in your bed and think about how you would tell that person all the things you did not say. Would you say it in a loud voice? Would you say it in a low voice? Would you smile when you say it? All these things spin in your head.

You do not only think about how you would say those things to them, you also think about what the response might be. Will it be positive? Will it be negative? Will they agree with what you said? Did they want to say the same thing to you?

You plan all these things you want to say to that person, but you just do not. You wish you had the courage to do it. Sometimes things in our lives hold us back from saying the things we want to say to someone.

The things holding us back are often our circumstances. It is hard say the things we want to say because if we say it our circumstances can be wrecked. Even worse our lives can get wrecked. Leaving us feeling hopeless, mad, angry, upset and frustrated.

We do not say the things we want to say because we know how it can have a negative impact on our lives. So we never ever end up saying them. Eventually you feel like you have a regret because you never said those things.

When you have a regret, you question yourself often. You think about the idea of telling them and how it could have been different between the two for you. You will think about that all the time and it will drive you crazy. It will take you a while to forget about that person or forget all the things you wanted to say. It will take time for you to heal.

Remember if you have something to say, just say it. Just say it. Be proud and say it to that person. Look them in the eyes and tell the person how you feel or else you may regret it your whole life. Then you will feel empty, pathetic and dumb. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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