All I Want Is For You To Be Right Here With Me

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Nights like this when every muscle in my body hurts, when my thoughts are running a mile a minute, when my soul is in pain – I need you. There is nothing or no one who can make me feel better but you. I’d do anything in this world just to have your presence with me right now. I’d do anything just to have your calming effect on me.

I’m tired of living life lately, and I need your gentle touch to soothe each part of me that’s hurting. I need your words of encouragement to push me off the edge. I need your warmth to bring comfort in my cold, chaotic world.

I need your love to save me.

I’m not strong enough to face all the battles on my own. Sometimes my fears get the best of me and I easily give up. I let my doubts overshadow my abilities. And I’m exhausted of fighting without you. I’m exhausted of pretending I can stand in my two feet even without guidance from you.

Because the truth is, your strength is the only thing that can help me get through all the troubles in life. Your hands are what I want to hold when I’m scared. Your body is what I want to hug when I feel alone. The beating of your heart is the only sound that I want to hear when I need to be at peace.

I want you now more than ever. I want you to sing me back to sleep when my nightmares are haunting me in the middle of the night. I want you to tickle me when my eyebrows begin to meet in the middle. I want you to stop my hands from doing too much work and take me somewhere that I can relax.

Take me to romantic places where my heart can immediately feel at home. Show me the world that I’m missing out while I’m busy building a future that I dream for myself. Bring me to the parts of this earth where I can spend the whole day not worrying about a single thing.

All I want is for you to be right here, healing me with your affection, taking good care of my worries, replacing my destructive thoughts with the good ones.

All I want is for you to come back in my life and be part of every journey that I take. All I want is your smile that never fails to give me hope in this life.

I know I don’t have to walk the surface of this earth on my own. I need someone to accompany me, make me feel less alone, stay with me everywhere I go. I need someone who can bring light to my life.

And I need that person to be you.

I can’t imagine sharing my life with anyone else. Being with you makes every wall I encounter easier to climb. Clasping your hand makes me feel less afraid to walk in the dark. Looking deep into your eyes gives me hope to live and hold on a little longer.

All I want is for you to come back. Stay with me and change the world I’m currently living in. Because everything around me is starting to get dull. And I need you to pull me out of this misery. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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