Remember This When Your Passion Starts To Fade

Joseph Pearson

No matter where you are right now and whatever circumstances you are in, I hope you don’t give up.

The journey in getting to your dream place isn’t going to be smooth. Sometimes you’re going to step on a rock and hurt yourself. Sometimes you’re going to encounter a detour that’s going to confuse you about which route is better to take. Sometimes you’re going to be so lost and be discouraged to go on.

But obstacles and road blocks are part of everyone’s journey. No one’s exempt from experiencing pain. Life gets ugly sometimes — and that’s totally okay.

What’s important is how you get through these struggles, how you pick yourself up after you fall, how you become a better person because of your mistakes.

I hope you don’t get tired of pursuing your dreams, even if it seems like a long way to go. I hope you see how far you’ve conquered, so you don’t have to think about going back and starting all over again.

I hope you realize how lucky you are to be standing at where you are.

At times you’re going to question your abilities and doubt yourself, but know that your strengths are bigger than your weaknesses. You’re strong enough to win any battle, if you try your best and be determined.

I hope you don’t let the passion in your heart fizzle. Don’t let exhaustion get under your skin. Don’t let one failure sidetrack you from achieving your goals. And don’t let your enthusiasm for life fade.

Be the person who’s excited about everything. Forget about how other people want you to behave. Allow your energy to flow around you. Laugh as loud as you can. Talk as fast as you want. Show the world how big your heart is.

I hope you don’t get scared of going after the person that you want to become. I hope you own your dreams and be proud of them. It’s okay if not everyone is going to approve your visions in life. Your happiness is what matters the most at the end of the day.

I hope you keep on working hard and keep your doors always open. Don’t be afraid to take chances and jump when opportunity presents itself. Not every decision in life has to be safe. Sometimes you have to be willing to take the risk.

I hope you keep the fire in your soul burning. I hope you do what you are passionate about. Because the best feeling in the world is being successful in doing what you love.

I hope you know that anything is possible, so be always on the lookout for something better. Let the ember in your heart burn brighter.

And don’t stop searching until you find what you are truly looking for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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