10 Reasons Why Intelligent People Have A Rough Time Finding Love

Jacob Townsend

1. They overthink.

Since they are detailed-oriented, they look at every single attribute of a person through a microscopic lens. They analyze everything. If something makes them feel suspicious about someone, they don’t give them a chance anymore. They always weigh the pros and cons of why they should fall in love with another person.

2. They are comfortable being independent.

They feel secured physically and emotionally on their own. There is no one around them who’s making their lives complicated. They can make any kind of decision without putting someone’s feelings into consideration. They are already comfortable with who they are, with what they have, and with where they are. They don’t need someone else to make their lives complete.

3. They prioritize their goals in life.

Intelligent people are dreamers by nature. They have a million things they want to achieve in this world. They have goals they have set to reach at a certain point in their lives. They are always on the move. And sometimes falling in love with someone just isn’t a top priority.

4. They aren’t easy to understand.

Smart people are the hardest ones to persuade in this world. You can give the most passionate, convincing reasons as to why they should entrust their hearts with you, and yet they’d still be skeptical about your words. They don’t say yes so easily. They have to give themselves time to ponder about their major decisions in life. If you’re planning to fall in love with them, you have to be willing to wait.

5. They have high standards.

One major thing about intelligent people is that they don’t compromise. They’re never going to lower their standards just because everyone around them seems to be settling down already. They’d rather suffer feeling lonely than be with the person they don’t really find attractive. They aren’t scared to grow old without a partner. They don’t really mind if their “forevers” aren’t going to show up in their lives.

6. They rarely listen to their hearts.

They use their brains a lot more than their hearts. They believe that feelings can be misleading sometimes, so they prefer to use facts and logic before making assumptions. The unintentional coldness in their hearts is the main reason why they have a hard time finding their soulmates.

7. They intimidate people.

One look from them and you can immediately tell that they aren’t ordinary human beings. Some people don’t try to pursue them in fear of being rejected. It is easy to get intimidated by intelligent peoples’ strong energies.

But here’s a piece of advice: smart people aren’t as intimidating as they look. They also have soft spots in their hearts. They have emotional moments that they’re trying so hard to hide from everyone. They have days when all they need is someone to understand them. You just have to find a way to make them feel special when they aren’t strong.

8. They hate losing.

Smart people don’t give up in a fight. Their minds are set to win, even in arguments. It can be frustrating to be in a relationship with them at times because they don’t stop until they have proven to you that they are right. They might lose over you in a disagreement sometimes, but be prepared the next time a dispute happens between both of you.

9. They always protect themselves.

They don’t build great walls around them for nothing. They are guarded because they dislike having their feelings get hurt. They protect themselves from any emotional harm so they won’t be distracted in achieving their goals. They’re scared to fall in love because they feel uncomfortable exposing the deep parts of themselves to someone else. They’re scared to show the skeletons they’ve been hiding in their closets to someone else.

10. They don’t like restrictions.

Intelligent people do not want to be deprived of their freedoms. They hate being put in a box. They find it hard to search for someone who can understand that sometimes they need space. They need to own their time. They need to do what they love and go to places they want by themselves once in a while. They don’t like someone who’s imposing restrictions on them. And they don’t like someone to tell them what to do, even if it seems like they’re the most perfect person for them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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