I Still Believe In Love, No Matter How Many Times It Has Failed Me

Joao Silas

I fall in love really quickly. And I am not ashamed to admit it. When I find someone endearing, I immediately profess my feelings towards them. I am very impulsive when it comes to liking someone. I believe that life is too short to have words left unsaid in the corners of my mind. I always love to cut through the chase and just say what’s inside my heart.

So when I come up to the realization that there’s no way my love will be returned, I get angry, frustrated, sad, and embarrassed. I grow disappointed in myself for being too open, too gullible, and too crazy for love. I hate myself for being too blind to the warnings of having a one-sided love story.

Someone once told me that I am quite an emotional one when it comes to finding a relationship. I take things way too seriously. But that’s because I don’t see love as a joke. I don’t think it’s okay to play with someone’s emotion. I don’t think it’s fair to let people hang by a thread, or have them wait for you until you make up your mind about them.

And maybe that’s the major reason why someone hesitates to love me back. Maybe I scare them away. Maybe they assume that I’m needy. Maybe they think I’m too intimidating to be in a relationship with.

Maybe my big idea about love is too much for them to handle.

But I will not compromise the way I love just because some people do not appreciate my heart.

I will not stop searching for the one who will feel lucky to be loved by me. I will keep waiting for a love that will come back to me. Because I know that love comes to those who patiently wait.

Love doesn’t forget the ones who never give up despite their failures in finding the right one. And love has a magical way of granting the wishes of those who show their faith and trust in time.

I have fallen in love with undeserving people before. I have been rejected by someone I really liked. But those experiences of unrequited love didn’t make me less of a hopeless romantic. Because I still love a lot. I still love deeply.

I still believe in the kind of relationship that moves mountains. I believe in love that easily changes all your perspective in life. I believe in a romance that lights a fire inside your chest. I believe that one day, I will be able to meet someone who won’t make me feel crazy about the way I love.

One day, someone will be willing to love me more, and I will no longer have to worry whether my affections will be reciprocated. One day, I will no longer have to run, chase, and ask someone to love me back. One day, I will be settled in the arms of a person who will never leave me feeling dissatisfied.

I will be surrounded by enough care, enough attention, enough sympathy, and enough understanding.

One day, someone will be amazed by the way I love deeply. And someone will be glad to take ownership of my heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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